Can Blue Buffalo Dog Food be Fed to Cats As Well? The Answer Might Surprise You

Wednesday, March 21st 2018. | Cat food

Most Blue Buffalo dog and cat food users know that this product is made of natural ingredients. There is a time that they ask about can Blue Buffalo dog food be fed to cats as well? It might be because you found your cat eat Blue Buffalo dog food. Actually, it is okay but you have to avoid this attitude to prevent serious side effects in long term.

Can Blue Buffalo dog food be fed to cats as well

The Need of Vitamin A

Cat needs more vitamin A and in fact most of dog foods don’t contain of vitamin A. Actually, dog foods contain of beta carotene because they can turn this compound into vitamin A. Even if the dog food contain of vitamin A, it is only in small amount and not enough to fulfill the need of your beloved cat. Just remember, cat needs enough vitamin A to keep their health. Due to this fact, Blue Buffalo offers dog food and cat food along with its ingredients and benefits.

The Amount of Taurine

The same case is on the Taurine level. Most of cat foods contain of Taurine because it useful to prevent heart disease known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy tends to attack cats with lack of Taurine. On the other hand, dogs can make Taurine by themselves and this is the reason why most dog foods contain of small amount of Taurine. To keep your beloved cat and dog safe and healthy, you can just take different Blue Buffalo for cat and dog. Each of those foods contain of antioxidant, life protection formula, and any kind of essential compounds needed by cat and dog.

The Need of Arachidonic Acid

Animal also need to have enough amount of fatty acid. The good news, dogs are able to make arachidonic acid or fatty acid by themselves. That’s why most of dog foods use small amount of fatty acid. How about cats? Do they need Arachidonic acid or fatty acid? Yes, definitely they need it so they have enough stamina. The problem is that cats can’t produce fatty acid just like what dogs do. As the result, their foods were produced along with sufficient arachidonic acid. Just imagine if your cat prefer to eat dog food instead of their own food. Slowly but sure, your lovely cat will be lack of fatty acid which can give serious health side effects. This explanation also a clear answer whether can Blue Buffalo dog food be fed to cats as well?

The Level of Protein

One more reason why you are not allowed to give dog food to your lovely cat too often is because of its level of protein. Cats need high level of protein to keep them active and grow healthy. Dog food is designed with low level of protein because dogs don’t need protein as much as cats need.

From the explanation above, you can finally get clear answer about can Blue Buffalo dog food be fed to cats as well? Despite of its natural ingredients and special ingredients used, you still have to separate between cat food and dog food for their own safety. Don’t think about low cost only but it harms your lovely dog and cat at home.