Can Cats Just Eat Biscuits?

Wednesday, September 20th 2017. | Cat food

Having cats as pets is very interesting for sure. Their cute appearances as well as spoiled behavior makes the owners want to cuddle them often. However, keeping a pet needs responsibility also. You must make sure to feed them with good and healthy foods. Whatever the reasons, foods that are produced specially for cats are more recommended. It is although no matter to feed them with human foods sometimes. What are then human foods that are safe and even healthy for cats? They are numerous actually. Can cats just eat biscuits? To feed them snacks like biscuits, there are many considerations to take. Here they are.

Can cats just eat biscuits

Biscuits for Cats

There are now many brands of pet foods that offer biscuits. One of them is biscuit for cats. Slightly, the biscuits may be similar to the biscuits that we can consume. However, the ingredients and nutrition have been processed to meet the cat’s needs. Therefore, rather than giving them the biscuits for people, why don’t you buy them this special biscuit for cats. It can also reduce the risk of allergy or diarrhea suffered by your cats.

Depending on the Cats Themselves

Just like human, the immune system of cats is also different from one to another. Some of them are probably okay to eat biscuits. However, the conditions can be different for other cats. It is also not about the type of cats.

There is indeed a tendency that Angora or Persian cats are more sensitive so that you must keep them as well as possible. Feeding them random biscuits can even make their fur loss. In fact, not all Angora and Persian cats are that sensitive. Some of them find it okay to eat human foods like biscuits. For the exception that you have proven that your cats have no problem with biscuits, it is better not to give them any.


So, can they eat human biscuits? The answer is; yes, they can. But as the owner, you must consider the matters explained above. Are your cats allergic easily? Have they ever experienced of being suffered from diarrhea or fur loss after eating human foods? If yes, it is better to avoid those eating biscuits.

But if those things have not ever experienced, it seems no matter to let the cats consume them as long as you don’t feed them too much. More than anything, foods specially produced for cats are the best of all.