How Much Should You Feed Your Cat?

Thursday, September 21st 2017. | Cat food

How much should you feed your cat? When choosing the foods and how much it is, there are many things to consider. They are including the age, physical condition, activity, and medical history. By following the right procedure while feeding the cats, it can help you avoid some health problems like bladder infection and obesity. The most common habit is that the cats are fed twice a day in the morning and evening. It is basically to build up their appetite as well as arrange how much they should eat. This method is different for the kitten in which the foods are always put on the bowl. More than that, here are some habits you should apply to your cats to find them healthier.

How Much Should You Feed Your Cat

Balance Nutrition

The needs of nutrition are different between adult cats and kittens. Adult cats must avoid the foods with high protein because it can give a problem in their kidneys. On the other hand, young kittens are better to consume foods with high protein. Why? It is because protein supports their growth.

But above all, make sure that both adult cats and kittens consume enough nutrition particularly vitamins and minerals. Before buying the cat foods, you must see the ingredients at first whether they are really made from natural or artificial ingredients. Don’t be easily tempted to products that are too cheap.

Meanwhile, you also should not give cats foods that are intended for other animals including dogs. Yes, the nutrition given between those animals are different.

Adding and Lessening the Portion

Notice well the condition of cats after eating certain foods in several days. If you think that their body is still the same or even getting smaller, it is better to change the foods or add the portion.

On the other hand, does their body grow too fast and become really fat? If yes, it means that the portion must be lessened. The cat’s body should grow for sure. However, it must be prevented from obesity and other health problems due to over-nutrition.

The Energy

Common adult cats have weight for around 5 kilograms. If your cat is in that weight as well, it means that the calorie needed is about 300 grams. This is the normal calorie used to do activities. Make sure to see the containing on the food package. Besides, determine also the amount of foods to fulfill the calorie necessities for a day.