How to Solve Kitten Only Wants Dried Foods Problem

Wednesday, September 20th 2017. | Cat food

Taking care of pets including the cat is not something easy for sure. Yes, it is so interesting to play with them, let them cuddle in our feet, and even feed them. But it means that we need to know their habits as well to make sure that their health are kept well. One of the problems commonly faced is about the foods given.

How to Solve Kitten Only Wants Dried Foods Problem? Find the answer now!

Despite you may give them fresh human foods, manufactured cat foods are also given even for the main course. There are two types of manufactured cat food products commonly available in the market; the wet and the dry ones. It is something good of course if your cats like both.

Kitten only wants dried foods problem

However, if he or she only loves one of them, you must not worry anyway. In this page, you can learn about solving problems when the kitten only wants dried foods. Well, it is for kitten not adult cat.

The Nutrition of Dry Cat Foods

First of all, it is important to know the nutrition contained in each package of dry foods for cats. Dry foods are made from flour and other grain products. Therefore, carbohydrate is dominated here. Sure, it is not the only ingredient.

The producer must also added some other ingredients that are needed for cats like fishes, shrimps, and even meat to fulfill the needs of protein, vitamin, and mineral. Although not all dry foods are like that, it is more often to see the dry foods with more carbohydrate and less protein and vitamins. Meanwhile, the containing of water is less than 10 percent here.

Who should consume dry foods?

Actually, dry foods are produced for adult cats with considerations as follow. Adult cats tend to be more active so that they indeed need carbohydrate as the main energy source. On the other hand, the needs of water and protein are less for them. Too much water tends to generate problem particularly in the baddler. Besides, too much protein can also disturb their kidney system. Their teeth and other organs of digestive system are already stronger so that consuming dry foods is even really recommended for adult cat. Unfortunately, this type of foods is not really suggested for kitten. Too much carbohydrate can give health problems like obesity. Then, they still need more protein to grow well.

The Solutions

The fact that your kitten only wants dry foods is surely a problem. But there are some ways to solve it. First, try to look for dry food with high content of protein. The price is probably more expensive, but that’s okay for the sake of kitten’s health. If you cannot find that kind of dry food, try to fulfill their protein needs by cooking them foods like dried fish or meat.

Next, try to lessen their consumption of conventional dry food which is full of carbohydrate. This is to prevent them from obesity. Lastly, make sure the kittens drink enough water. Yes, although in general cats may need only little amount of water; it doesn’t mean that they don’t need it at all.