The Portion and How Often the Cats Feed Wet Food

Thursday, September 21st 2017. | Cat food

How often do you feed your cat wet food? If you prefer feeding your cats with manufactured products, it seems you already know the types of them. There are mainly two types of cat foods.

They are dry and wet foods. The difference is mainly related to the texture in which wet food contains more water while the dry one is surely really dry. It is no matter which one of them to be given to your cats. The more important thing is about the portion. In this page, you will learn more about the amount of wet food along with how often it should be given. So, what are they? Check them out.

How often do you feed your cat wet food

The Ingredients and Nutrition of Wet Foods

This type of foods is basically processed by meat with good quality. The meat is pulverized to make it smoother and form like porridge. Then, it is pasteurized to make sure that it is really clean and free from bacteria. To keep it clean and durable, wet food is then kept on a tin. The preservative substance is in a smaller amount compared to the dry one.

Therefore, the nutrition is still there just like the fresh food including vitamins and minerals that are indeed needed by the cats. However, wet foods also contain high protein and water that is risky for adult cats. Since those nutrition can even attack the bladder and kidneys respectively. The way to keep this food also tends to be difficult. Yes, they must put in the refrigerator to avoid it being damaged faster.

The Portion and How often to Feed Cats with Wet Foods

Just give the cat wet foods twice a day in the morning and evening. You should give them a small amount at first. Then, if it seems they still hungry you can add it. However, you must also build their eating habit by not giving them too much food since it can also give other problems like obesity.

Although wet foods in some matters are better than dry one, it is not bad to combine it with the dry foods. Besides, you can also give them fresh fishes or something as long as they really don’t have allergy.

Wet food already contains much water. It means that the additional water to drink must not as much as when you give them the dry one. Too much consumption of water is not good for the cat’s digestive system.