Things to Know about Cat Dry Foods

Thursday, September 21st 2017. | Cat food

Good cat foods must contain the nutrition that is needed by the cats. The nutrition is commonly in the form of vitamins and amino acid. Some kinds of food ingredients that are rich of vitamins and amino acid are meat. It also means that giving meat to your cats is a good idea although the portion must be managed as well. On the other hand, it is also recommended to feed them manufactured foods. In general, the manufactured foods for cats are divided into two; they are wet and dry foods. Well, is it OK for cats to eat only dry food? Here is what you need to know.

Things to Know about Cat Dry Foods

The Benefits of Dry Foods

Dry foods are even considered better being given to the cats compared to the wet one. It is due to the containing of more carbohydrate and less protein. For adult cats, this portion is balance. Adult cats are suggested to avoid too much protein since it can give a health problem particularly in the area of kidney. Meanwhile, carbohydrate is needed mainly if your cats are active.

Dry food is also a solution to keep the cat’s teeth healthy. It is because this kind of foods does not remain any dirt on their teeth. Well, it is actually something impossible to clean up their teeth too often. The more important is that the dry food has less water that lessens the risk of bladder problem. In fact, cat also consumes water directly by drinking. Lastly, dry food is easier to be kept and it also tends to be more durable; not easily rotten. You only need to keep it on the dry place with low temperature.

The Nutrition Contained in Dry Foods

The main ingredient of dry foods is grain like flour and it is still added by the others like fishes, shrimps, and others. The carbohydrate then becomes the main nutrition here. Fortunately, those kinds of carbohydrate are quite safe for cats with less risk of obesity. Of course, you still need to arrange the portion for the best result.

Protein is still there surely. However, the amount is less since it is not good for adult cat. Meanwhile, the water is also in a small amount.

However, this dry food should not be given to kitten. Young cat tends to need more protein to grow well. Besides, the teeth and stomach are still not as mature as the adults to digest the dry food that is indeed coarse.