Which One is better for Cats; Dry or Wet Foods?

Thursday, September 21st 2017. | Cat food

Is wet or dry food better for cats? This question is really often to be asked by them the cat lovers. More than anything, once you decide to keep cats at home, there is nothing but their health and happiness. It means that anything must be managed well including what they eat. Manufactured product of cat foods is indeed categorized into two types. They are dry and wet foods.

Is wet or dry food better for cats

Some cats may like the dry foods than wet foods. Meanwhile, some others may be in contrast. As an owner, you must not only give them the foods based on what the cat likes. Make sure also to consider the ingredients and nutrition contained. Each of the food types has its own benefits and lacks. What are they?

Dry Food

Dry food is like the snack for your cats. Fortunately, it is not an empty snack since the nutrition is still contained there. Dry foods are commonly produced from ingredients that are full of calorie and carbohydrate. Just like human, calorie and carbohydrate here are not a big deal to be consumed as long as they are on the right portion. Besides, if your cats are really active, this food is even more recommended since they must need more calories for energy.

Another benefit of dry food is its less water containing. Different from human, cats basically don’t need too much water. Too much water consumption can even give them problems particularly around the bladder. More than that, cats must already have water by drinking. For the reasons mentioned above, dry foods are better to be given for active cats that often drink.

Wet Food

Wet food is commonly more expensive than dry food. Why? It is because it is made from fresh meat. The preservative substance is also less for this food as it is kept on the tin to make it durable.

The nutrition contained in the wet food is more various compared to the dry food. However, the protein tends to be higher as well. As information, protein is more necessary for kitten than adult cats. Protein is good for the kitten to grow. However, when it is given too often for adult cats, it can give them kidney problem.

The containing of water is also relatively higher. It is good for cats that are less drinking but not for them who already drink often. Based on those facts, wet foods are more recommended for kitten and cats with low drinking habit.