Cedar Fresh Cat Litter as the Best Green Litter Option

Sunday, September 24th 2017. | Cat litter

Is Cedar fresh cat litter a good alternative for our cats? Like so many of you, we also found ourselves asking similar question a few months ago. At the time we were increasingly worried about the health of our beloved furry companions. We had three cats at home, two of which are a beautiful long-haired cats.

Our cats are healthy, we are fortunate enough in the sense that they have never had any serious issue with their health save for a recurring upset stomach from hairballs. It’s common, so we never really thought much of it. But then we saw our cat use the litterbox and got out to lie down and started to groom. Yes, it is common, but what we saw frightened us.

While we did not find any clumped litter in the body parts of our short-haired cat, we could not say the same for the long-haired ones. Perhaps it comes with the territory, and many cat owners would shrug it off. But not us, and possibly a majority of cat owners out there. The possibility of them ever ingested the bentonite material was enough to make us switch to Cedar fresh all-natural cat litter.

Cedar fresh cat litter

Like many cat owners, we opted clumping litter for convenience. It can be easily scooped, and it is cost-efficient in the long run since we only have to use a little of it. Other than absorbing liquid and clumping fecal matters and urine into a solid mass, it also absorbs the unpleasant smell. This means we do not have to clean up the litter box on a daily basis.

But made of chemical substance as powerful as that, we must be wary of the effect they have on our cats. We quickly decided to look for a greener product, one that would not be harmful if ingested and our search led us to Cedar fresh and we can’t be more happy with our decision. Below is the advantage we get:


We find that we get more than clumping litter, and it is cheaper per bag. To compare, we typically use 2-bags of cedar litter in 4 weeks whereas we used 2-bags of clay of the same amount for 2-weeks

No smell and environmentally friendly

Not only is cedar litter compostable, it also doesn’t contain dust and harmful substance that is dangerous when inhaled and ingested. Best of all, it smells like fresh cedar wood chips! No smell with no dangerous additives, Cedar fresh cat litter is the way to go!