Is it Safe to Flush World’s Best Cat Litter?

Sunday, September 24th 2017. | Cat litter

“Is it safe to flush World’s Best cat litter?” is probably the first question that comes across your mind when you see World’s Best on one of the aisle rack. The brand’s litter that we know of is considered as clumping litter that, which when you think about it, is made of bentonite clay.

Is it safe to flush World's best cat litter

This material automatically forms a solid cement-like clump when dropped into water during testing. The very concept is also applicable when used as a cat litter. The moment there’s a drop urine or fecal matter, this solid compound will immediately form – making it easily scoopable and discarded.

Is flushable cat litter really flushable?

So when you see the word flushable on the bag, it doesn’t seem right. How can it be flushed when a drop of urine is enough to make it clump? With that very concept, flushing doesn’t only seem like a stupid thing to do, but also seems to be an act that will cause problems down the line.

Flushing clumping cat litter may immediately clog your pipes and worse, damage your septic systems. But even with this knowledge, you cannot help but ask yourself “Is it safe to flush World’s Best cat litter and does it actually work?”

Much to your surprise, with a quick online search you will most likely find that it is indeed safe for you to flush. But it comes with one obvious requirement: the soiled litter you flush must be of World’s Best brand. This is because unlike other type of clumping cat litter brands out there, World’s Best actually has a never-ending innovation and has gone rigorous testing process.

You’re not wrong, however. Traditional clay litters are indeed made of bentonite clay which is cement-like in nature once it comes into contact with liquid. And thus will immediately clog and damage your pipes as well as septic systems.

World’s best cat litter

But World’s Best is not made of bentonite clay. Yes, this may come off as a surprise, but World’s Best litters are actually made of six all-natural formulas from planet friendly and highly renewable plant derivative such as corn.

With this unique formula, World’s Best make your life as a cat owner even easier and more simple. Yes, you can still scoop the soiled litter because the unique six formulas definitely make for quick clumping. But when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to scoop, you can easily take and flush them without having to worry about damaging your septic system. And there you have the answer to the infamous “Is it safe to flush World’s Best cat litter?” question.