Reasons Why Kitten Not Using Litter Box

Sunday, September 24th 2017. | Cat litter

What do you do when you find your kitten not using litter box? With dogs we can conclude that they need training to use their litter box, but that is not the case with cats. This is also the reason why we love cats, they are fiercely independent in more ways than one. They know how to take care of themselves and they do not require a lot of work. This includes using the litter box.

Unlike dogs that require a training, cats somehow can figure it out on their own. As evidenced by their frequent grooming session, it is clear that the reason for this is largely because they are habitually clean. But every cat owner must have had to deal with the same nightmare at least once in their peaceful years of owning and taking care of cats; and that was the moment their cats refused to use the litter box.

Reasons Why Kitten Not Using Litter Box

Those who believe that cats are evil would most likely laugh at you and told you that your cat was probably just trying to get back at you for something. While the accusation can be hilarious, truth of the matter is cats are not a vengeful creature. So when they stop using their litter box, best believe it is due to an underlying problem you have yet to realize.

If your kitten not using litter box right now and somehow refuse any attempt to get them back to using it, the first thing that you must do is try to remember when the last time you cleaned up the litter box was. As we have already stated, this fierce yet lovable creature is habitually clean. This means there is a likely possibility that they refuse to use it because it’s dirty and they are upset about it.

If you have just brought back a new cat to the house, this could be the sign. Cats are sensitive to scent, and when other cat is using the litter, they can smell it and dislike the fact that they have to share with a newcomer. Or, if you have just moved into a new place, cats may be upset about the new environment and acting up out of confusion. Once they adapted to the new house, it would all be back to normal.

Another possibility is they don’t approve the litter. If they are accustomed to one litter brand and then you purchase a different one then change it without some getting-used-to phase, it may very well be the reason of your kitten not using litter box.