What Are Kitty Litter Made Of?

Sunday, September 24th 2017. | Cat litter

All of us have wondered what kitty litter made of when trying to choose the best type of litter for our cat. Like anybody else, we find ourselves wondering what exactly they are made of and whether or not they contain harmful substances. Choosing a kitty litter is not an easy task, but when we know the types and what they are all made of, we know that we have won half the battle.

As a good pet owner, we always want the best for our furry companion, so it should not come as a surprise that we want the best litter for them as well. There are essentially three different categories of kitty litter available on the market nowadays: silica-based litter, clay-based litter, and biodegradable litter. To know which one of them is actually a healthy choice, read the following explanation.

Kitty litter made of

Silica-based litter

If you have ever seen a crystallized litter, then you have seen silica cat litter made of silica gel. This absorbent kitty litter is actually made of the same substance you found in a packaged food product which typically serves as a preservative.

In these packaged consumables, the silica gel absorbs excess moisture and while most of us don’t think twice about eating the food, some are worried about the possibility of it being ingested during our cat’s grooming session.

Clay-based litter

Perhaps the most popular type of litter, it is typically made of bentonite and it is a popular choice for its efficiency. While the litter box should still be cleaned up, cat owners do not have to do it as often as they should when they use other litter.

All thanks to bentonite ability to form a solid clump of easily scoopable mass when it comes into contact with feces and urine. Not only easily scooped, the soiled litter also does not emanate odor that is typically associated with fecal matter and urine.

Biodegradable litter

If you have safety concerns and are worried about your cat ingesting clay or silica, this greener product may entice you. Made of recycled paper product such as soybean, pine, wheat and corn, this biodegradable litter is guaranteed to not clutter the landfills. It is also guaranteed to be much more healthy if your cat somehow ingested the material when they groom themselves.

This issue typically happens to long-haired cats, but there is always possibility that your short-haired cats get litter material stuck in their paw or other body part and ingest it during grooming. With biodegradable kitty litter made of plant-derived products, you no longer have to worry.