5 Signs to Find Out Whether Your Cat Love You or Not

Monday, February 25th 2019. | Cat

Have you ever wondered, if your cats really like you, their owner? Unfortunately, there is no tool that can read your cat’s mind. However, there is another way to find out about this stuff. How do you know if a cat likes you? You can see it from these sign that we explained below.

Sign to Find Out Whether Your Cat Love You or Not


When your cat purr whenever they close to you, that’s the sign that your cat is happy. It’s happy with your presence near them. They feel safe and trust you. The amazing thing about cat’s purr is they only do it to the closest creature to them. They don’t do it to other cats, but only to their kitten and you, their owner.

Bring Back Objects

If your cats bring back objects, like toys, bugs, and even dead mice, that is also the sign that they love you. The cat doesn’t do that as the gift for you, their owner. However, they bring it back to the place where they live, because they feel safer at that place. That means they like you, the owner of the place where your cat lives, and feels comfortable living in that place.

Listen to Their Meow

Usually, when the kitten grows up into an adult, they will stop meowing too much. However, it is different, if they feel comfortable and like you. Even though they are adult, your cats will keep meowing to you. This is the way they show their affection to you as their owner.

Glued to You

If your cat always stays close to you, that’s also the sign that they love you. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you do, if your cat always comes close to you, that’s a good sign. For example, if you sit on the sofa, they always jump on you and look at you for a very long time.

Knowing they love you that much, you can’t ignore your cat. Give your cat something like the way to repay their affection. For example, you can give your cat a bowl of cat’s food. Or, you also can play with your cat.

The act to get close to you and even get into your personal space is called bunting. Usually, if your cat is really like you, they will try to touch you. This is the act of bunting, which is to spread their pheromones to you. It will tell other cats that you are the only person for them.


Usually, when your cat curls up on your lap and you stroke them gently, your cat will press their claw into your leg. They even lick you. This is the sign that they feel really comfortable with your stroke and being close to you.

Basically, those are several important signs that you need to know whether your cat likes you or not. Of course, if you can’t find those signs on your cat, you don’t need to be disappointed. You need to put more effort to give more affection to your cat. Guaranteed, your cat will repay you multiple times stronger.