Can a Cat Get Worms from Another Cat?

Wednesday, February 28th 2018. | Cat

Can a cat get worms from another cat? It is a common question asked by cat lovers. Just read the information below to find the complete answer.

Can a Cat Get Worms from Another Cat

The Description of the Worms

You need to learn about worm in cat first before finding the answer of can a cat get worms from another cat? A specific worm found in cat is commonly known as roundworm. The size of this worm is around 3 up to 6 inches. Without proper treatment, the worms will stay on the intestine and hatch in the cat’s intestinal tract. The worst part, the worm is able to migrate to different parts including liver, bloodstream and lung. Don’t underestimate this parasite because a big numbers of worms are dangerous for your lovely kittens and it leads to death.

The Transfer Process

In general, it is possible for your cat to get worms from another cat and it is transferred in several ways. The first way is when the cat takes a walk outside. Then, they try to hunt rodents and finally eating their prey. This process is when the worms transferred to your cat. Moreover, the cat can also infected from worms from the other cat especially from their own mother. It happens when the mother of the cat is infected by worms and breastfeed her kittens. There is also a case that the cat is eating infected insects and it makes the cat have larva inside their system. The problem starts when they don’t cover the feces perfectly. The feces from infected cat can transfer worm to another cat.

The Worms Infection Process

While learning about the infection process, you also need to learn about the symptoms of the cat which is infected from worm. Try to check their stomach first. If the stomach feels hard, there is a possibility that your cat is infected from worm. Without proper treatment, your cat will be suffered from malnourished. As the result, your cat looks thin. Just bring your cat to the vet if they are suffered from diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, and drastic weight loss.

Medical Treatment for Cat with Worms

If you know that there is something wrong with your lovely cat, try to bring them along with its feces as a sample but you have to be careful while taking the feces. When the cat is diagnosed as a cat with worm, the doctor will give specific medications such as oral deworming medication. Then, you have to apply the deworm treatment at least twice or three times up to two or three weeks. Bring the cat to the doctor to make sure that there is no worm left on their intestinal. When the doctor said that the cat is healthy, you may start to keep them away from places or causes worms so they don’t suffer it twice.

Finally, can a cat get worm from another cat? Yes, it can and you must prevent your cat to be infected from this worm. Learn the infection process, the symptoms, as well as the way to treat so there is serious thing happens. Definitely, seeing your cat grows healthy is the most important, right?