Can You Leave a Ragdoll Kitten Alone at Home?


Ragdoll is known as a cat breed that loves companion. So, what should you do with your ragdoll kitten if you need to go to work? Is it okay to leave it home alone, and if it is okay, how long can a Ragdoll Kitten stay at home alone? To ease your stress and worries, let’s find out the answer below.

How long can a Ragdoll kitten stay at home alone

How Long Can a Ragdoll Kitten Stay at Home Alone?

Ragdoll is a very sociable cat. So, the cat is the happiest when the owner is around. However, you don’t have to worry about leaving your ragdoll kitten alone for a short period of time because the cat will be just fine. If they don’t have a company, they usually will just sleep all day.

Maybe you have heard many stories where a Ragdoll becomes sick because it is often left alone at home by its owner. While it is not completely wrong, not all Ragdoll will behave that way. This is because every cat has different personality. So, some Ragdolls can be completely fine even if the owner is gone for more than 8 hours, while the others can be sulky when being left alone for only 2 or 3 hours. Everything will depend on the cats and how you train them. However, if you own a kitten, it is best to not leave it alone for more than 3 hours because kittens need more supervision and care.

What to Do When You Want to Leave Your Ragdoll Alone at Home

If you must leave your Ragdoll alone at home, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Firstly, you might want to consider getting a new cat to accompany your Ragdoll. Just because your cat will be fine being left alone, it doesn’t mean that the cat will like it. If you work around 8 hours per day, getting a new cat can be a solution to prevent your cat from being lonely.

Furthermore, make sure you provide everything your cat needs, from water to comfortable place to sleep. Don’t forget to keep dangerous and hazardous things in a safe place so that your cat will not be able to reach them.

Since the cat will sleep all day, when you come home and it finally wakes up, your cat will have a lot of energy. So, spare some time to play with your Ragdoll so that the cat can channel its energy and also feel less lonely because its lovely owner finally comes home.

Even though there is no exact time on how long a Ragdoll can be left alone at home, it is best not to leave the cat alone for more than 8 hours, especially if it is a small kitten. If you need to work long hours or you have to go on a business trip, you must hire a pet sitter. It is very important not only to prevent your Ragdoll cat from feeling lonely, but also to make sure the cat is safe and properly taken care of.