Do Ragdoll Cats have to stay indoors?


Most cat lovers who want to keep Ragdoll cat ask about do Ragdoll cats have to stay indoors? They are asking about this question due to the characteristic of the cat itself. If you also have the same question, just check the information below.

Do Ragdoll Cats have to stay indoors

The Appearance and Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

Before answering the question, you should learn about the characteristic and appearance of Ragdoll cat first. At glance, you will see a bulky cat with large and blue eyes. Male Ragdoll is heavier than the female. A male Ragdoll can achieve up to 30 pounds whereas the female can achieve around 15 up to 20 pounds. The coat which looks like a Siamese cat is also an interesting part of this cat. Cat lovers love to take care of Ragdoll cats because this is considered as a calm and not aggressive cat. Even, they love to sit or sleep close to you. Because of this characteristic, it is believed that Ragdoll cat doesn’t have fight back instinct when they are attacked. The funniest part, Ragdoll is look like a puppy because they want to come along with you all the time. It seems that they want to be the center of attention. You may also say that Ragdoll is a smuggler cat and don’t really like to explore their living area. Uniquely, Ragdoll cats love running water such as bathtub and shower. That’s why most of Ragdoll cats will run to find the running water anytime they hear it.

The Reason to Keep Ragdoll Cats Indoor

So, do ragdoll cats have to stay indoors? Based on the appearance and characteristics above, it seems that Ragdoll is typically an indoor cat. It means that they love to stay inside a room instead of outdoor. If it seems that the cat wants to go outside, just make sure that you go along with them. It is better not to let your Ragdoll go outside alone. Just imagine if you let a cat without any fight back instinct go outside without any guidance. The chance to be attacked by other cats is bigger outside and the problem is that they will not fight back! Moreover, the coat and the eyes are interesting and it makes people want to have it. They will bring the cat home if they know there is a Ragdoll cat walk alone without any clear identity. Definitely, you will lose your lovely Ragdoll cat and you might regret it. Ragdoll cats don’t have any instinct to see surrounding in detail. What they know is walking. That’s why it is a common that some Ragdoll cats are hit by cars. The best trick to let this cat outside is by letting them walk or play with your children at the backyard. If you have a time, you may bring them take a walk whether in the afternoon or in the morning.

Now, you know the answer of the question. You can answer if some people asking you do Ragdoll cats have to stay indoors? You are not only answer shortly but you can also explain the reason completely to make them sure.