Four Most Common Reasons Why Cat Becomes Aggressive

Saturday, October 28th 2017. | Cat

Cat is a gentle and warm creature. However, sometimes he can get aggressive out of nowhere. One second you are playfully playing with him and the next second he scratches your hand angrily. But the truth is, your cat will not be aggressive out of nowhere. There must be a reason behind it and now the question is, what can cause a cat to become aggressive? Well, here are some common reasons behind a cat’s sudden aggression.

What can cause a cat to become aggressive

Medical Problems

A cat can show aggressive behavior when he feels pain somewhere in its body. When you touch the painful paint, your cat will be angry because he is in pain, not because it wants to hurt you. He is assuming that you want to hurt him and this is why he attacks you So, before assuming anything else, if you notice that your cat suddenly becomes very aggressive, bring him to the vet first. Find out whether the cat has some medical problems and if it is indeed the cause, the aggression will go away when the pain subsides.

Protecting Its Territory

Just like dog, cat can become very territorial. When he has assumed that something or an area belongs to him, the cat will protect it with his life. If a person or another animal touch what’s his, the cat will not hesitate to attack.

Cat usually only shows territorial aggression to other cats, especially the males, or other animals. But there are many cases where it also shows this behavior to human. Making sure that no one will go inside the cat’s territory can become a temporary solution. But you need to discipline and train him so that your cat knows that his behavior is not acceptable


Cat can feel afraid as well. When he feels threatened, his instinct will take over and he will go to defensive mode to protect itself. Some cats will choose to hide from the thing that makes them afraid, but some others will resort to violence.

You need to find out what causes his fear first to fix his aggression problem. Some rescued cats with abuse history often become really afraid of human. Aggression that is caused by fear can take a long time to solve. But you can make it go away by building the cat’s trust and providing him a safety environment.

He Doesn’t Know How to Play Nice

What can cause a cat to become aggressive besides the aforementioned three reasons? If your cat is healthy and it is not in defensive or offensive mode, maybe it is aggressive because it simply doesn’t know how to be nice. It is usually happened when the owner doesn’t train the cat properly. If you want your cat to lose its aggressiveness, you need to train it. Show the behavior you expect from your cat and discipline it when it starts running amok.

To solve your cat’s behavioral problem, you need to understand the cause of the aggression first. So, always pay attention to your cat’s natural character and take action if you notice some changes in its behavior.