Half Ragdoll Cats – Let Them Out or Keep Them In?


Half Ragdoll cats – let them out or keep them in? This question is a common especially for first time cat lovers who want to take care of this cat. Let’s find out the answer below so you can take care of half Ragdoll cat maximally.

Half Ragdoll Cats - Let Them Out or Keep Them In

How to Treat Pure Ragdoll Cats

The first thing to know is about the characteristic of pure Ragdoll cats. Actually, a Ragdoll cat is a typically an indoor cat. They tend to stay at home and get close to the owner. That’s why a Ragdoll cat is also known as a perfect family cat. They can really like a puppy which loves to play with your children. Even, it seems that they don’t want to far away from their owner. Most cat lovers consider Ragdoll cat as their first cat due to the fact that this cat doesn’t have fight back instinct even if they meet the other cat. The funny fact is that Ragdoll loves to see running water and it makes this cat different than any other cats. Just try to turn on your shower or bath tap, your lovely Ragdoll will come to you to enjoy the running water. The appearance especially the coat and the eyes are also interesting to see and easily attract stranger or unknown people to take the cat.

How to Treat Half Ragdoll Cats

How about half Ragdoll cats – let them out or keep them in? Actually, it is a hard question to answer. Because your lovely cat is a half Ragdoll it means they also have half personality. As the result, the treatment is also different than the pure Ragdoll cat. The first thing to do is check the personally if the cat itself to know the dominance characteristics. There is a possibility that you will have an active Ragdoll cat who wants to go outside all the time. If it is so, you have let them outside otherwise it triggers their stress tension. The best way to do is accompanied your half Ragdoll cat for an afternoon or morning outdoor activity. At least, you can keep on eye of them not to play too far. You can also protect your cat if they want to fight with another cat. How about if you don’t really notice the characteristic? There is no other way except visiting a nearby shelter. By visiting a nearby shelter, you can ask anything you want to know especially about how to take care half Ragdoll cats well. Definitely, you can ask about whether you have to let your half Ragdoll cat outside or not. You can also ask about how to keep their fur clean and bright because it might be different than the pure Ragdoll cat.

The explanation above helps you to decide whether you have to let your lovely half Ragdoll cat out or in. In general, you may let them out especially if they want to do it. The most important, don’t let them go outside alone. Just make sure that you keep on eye on them when the cat out. You don’t need to get confuse about half Ragdoll cats – let them out or keep them in?