How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Get Used to Your Home as Their New Place?

Saturday, November 30th 2019. | Cat

After adopting, the problem you will face is the issue of how long does it take for a cat to get used to your home. This is because they are in a new place for them, not in their previous place of residence.

With a new place that they haven’t, then naturally they need time to recognize it as a whole.

A new cat recognizes a new place, usually, they will start sniffing and kissing various areas in a new place for them. They tend to explore the entire area without exception, even to even the hidden corner.

This will be done for cats who are already comfortable with their new place, but different from cats who are not ready to move to a new place. Usually, they don’t dare to do that.

Because they are still afraid, if you release them, they will instinctively run into a closed area to hide immediately. This is natural because the cat doesn’t know you and is still scared.

Each cat has a different time to be able to overcome the problem of how long does it take for a cat to get used to your home. Some only require a short time, some require days, and some even require quite a long time, such as several months.

This factor alone actually depends on the confidence of the cat itself. Generally, if you have just brought a cat for the first time to your house, it is usually recommended for 1 week.

During this time, you must keep him in your house and not let him leave the house. That way, you indirectly teach and introduce new areas that he occupies.

When doing this process, the cat will indeed look still shy. So, as much as possible not to do various actions that make him feel threatened or shock him. Instead of doing that, try to approach him by calling, or speaking softly, or feeding him.

Don’t try to offer him food directly, but just put it in front of him and try not to get too far or too close to him. In addition, let him see and know that you are the one who gives the food.

If he starts brave, you can begin to approach while stroking him slowly as a sign of recognition and communicating that you are not a threat to him.

After passing 1 week and your cat already looks confident exploring various places and not hiding anymore, it can be said that the cat feels comfortable with its new place.

But if not, maybe you have to add more time duration or can replace it with other recognition methods. If you allow your cat to leave the house, usually they will be able to come back soon.

Because this is because they feel your house is the safest place for them if they encounter an enemy or feel threatened when outside the home. Don’t forget to use the cat’s door so he can have access in and out of the house later.

So, basically it doesn’t have to take a long time, but the key is how you make it feel safe and comfortable, so how long does it take for a cat to get used to your home won’t belong.