How to Discipline Your Cat and Stop Them from Biting

Saturday, October 28th 2017. | Cat

“How do you punish a cat for biting?” Many people ask that question after being bitten by their cats. However, punishment is not the right word. If your cat bites you, you should discipline him, not punish him. Harsh punishment will only lead to aggression but discipline can bring the best behavior out of your cat. Here are some of the best tricks you can do to stop your cat from biting.

How do you punish a cat for bitting

Don’t Lose Your Temper

When your cat bites or scratches you, your first instinct might be to yell at him. You also maybe want to punish him by hitting him. But there is one thing you need to know about cat. When you yell or hit him, he doesn’t understand about what he did wrong. What he will understand is that you look scary and it might make him feel threatened. Losing your temper will only bring his aggressive side to the surface and it can be a recipe for disaster. When he bit you, simply leave your cat alone and treat your wound.

Stop Playing with Him

If you cannot yell at him, then what should you do? Firstly, leave the cat alone, don’t look him in the eye, don’t talk to him. Even though unlike dogs, cats don’t mind being left alone, he still really loves your company and play with you.

So, once he bit you, stop playing with him immediately. This is how you discipline him. This is how you show him that what he did was unacceptable. If you do this repeatedly, he will finally understand that biting means play time is over. If you are consistent, one day your cat will understand that he should not bite you if he wants you to keep playing with him.

Correct the Behavior

Disciplining the cat is one thing, but you should not forget to show what kind of behavior you expect from him. Cats are creatures of habits and in most cases, he bites you because you let him doing it. Maybe, when he was a kitten you let him nipping your hand without correcting him. Once your cat grows older, he doesn’t understand that biting is wrong. To correct this behavior, try to shift his attention. Don’t let him play with your hand, instead try giving him toys everytime he is coming for your hand.

Drain Its Energy

Sometimes cat starts biting and scratching your hand simply because he feels bored and he wants some attention. If it is the cause for your cat’s biting habit, make sure you spare some time to accompany him doing some physical activity that can drain his energy.

There is a big difference between punishment and discipline. Punishment will only make your cat loses his trust on you. But disciplining him on the other hand, can improve his behavior. So, instead of asking “how do you punish a cat for biting?” it is best to discipline and correct him. Don’t forget to stop his bad behavior with the “language” that your cat can understand.