How to Train Cat to Stay Close to Home?

Wednesday, February 28th 2018. | Cat

Some people are asking about how to train cat to stay close to home? In fact, some of cats enjoy their time outside and the worse they don’t come back. In fact, the cats face serious risks such as hit by car, dogs, dirty, other cats, up to serious diseases. So, what do you have to do make your lovely cat play close to home?

How to Train Cat to Stay Close to Home

Let Them Outside on the Right Time

So, how to train cat to stay close to home? The first thing to do is letting the cat outside on the right time. For example, you can let them play outside before the meal time. It is better not to give them too much food before letting them out. This simple trick is useful to keep your cat back home anytime they were hungry. As the result, they don’t want to go outside home because they know the easiest way to get food.

Use Specific Sound to Call the Cat

The other simple trick to train your cat to stay close to home is by using specific sound to call. You have to make the cat get used to with the sound first. Let say, try to use bell or jangling key to call your cat anytime you want to see them especially in feeding time. Slowly but sure, your cat notice and memorize the sound. When it is ready, you can let them play outside and try to call the cat by using the sound. Definitely, your cat knows that the sound is the sign of feeding time and as the result they will come back home.

Bring Your Cat to Take a Walk

Just like a dog, you can also bring your car to take a walk outside. In fact, it is considered as an important training so your cat can play outside safely and come back home anytime they want. You can start by letting them out for about 5 minutes a day. If you see positive signs, you can add the duration a little bit longer. The truth is that walking outside reduces stress tension of the cat.

Call the Cat Anytime They Do Something Wrong

Let say, you want to train your cat to walk around the yard but suddenly the cat is trying to walk outside the yard. Don’t let this without any proper treatment otherwise your cat will do it regularly and it triggers intention to play far away from home. The best treatment is calling them back. You can use your voice or ring the bell. Just apply this treatment anytime they do something wrong. Slowly but sure your lovely cat notices that they are not allowed to do it.

Give Access for Your Cat

Don’t forget to give access to your cat if they get used to go outside. The cat has to be inside and outside easily without any serious obstacles. Try to give one access or door so your cat knows where to go if they want to go outside and inside.

In conclusion, you must let your cat outside because it is good for their health even to prevent your cat suffered from stress. Now, you know the answer of how to train cat to stay close to home? Just try it and you don’t need to worry to let the cat outside anymore.