Three Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drinking More Water than Usual


If you notice that your cat’s water bowl gets emptied faster, you definitely will be curious about one thing—why my Ragdoll cat is drinking more water than usual? There are several possible reasons for this and here are some of them.

My Ragdoll cat is drinking more water than usual

Change in Diet

Cats drink around 4 ounces of water every day. However, if you change its diet from wet food to dry food, you can expect to see your Ragdoll drink more amount of water than usual. It is perfectly normal because wet food contains approximately 70 to 80 per cent water. Meanwhile, dry food only has around 10 per cent of water.

Since dry food doesn’t have enough water moisture, your cat will compensate it by drinking more water from its bowl. As a matter of fact, if your cat eats dry food but doesn’t drink a lot, it can be a sign of some health problem and you might want to take it to the vet.

Hot Weather

If the weather is hotter than usual, your cat also will naturally drink more water. As a matter of fact, drinking more weather during hot weather is necessary to cool down its body. So, to prevent heatstroke, make sure to keep your Ragdoll’s water bowl full all the time during the hottest summer days.

Besides keeping its water bowl full, you also have to pay attention to air circulation in your house. Make sure the air conditioner or the fan is turned on so your Ragdoll will not feel hot. Furthermore, if your Ragdoll often plays outside, it is best to keep it inside the house if the sun shines too bright to prevent heatstroke.

Health Problems

Most of the time, there is nothing wrong about cat drinking more water. However, there are also cases where drinking more water than usual is a sign of dangerous health problems. Most of the times, it is a sign of kidney problems. Usually kidney problems affect cats over 15 years, but it is also possible for young cats to suffer from it. Those symptoms are also often accompanied with frequent urination.

Excessive thirst also could be a sign of feline diabetes. If your cat is on the fat side and drinks a lot, it is a red flag that your cat might be suffering from feline diabetes. Cats suffering from diabetes also will have increased appetite but suffering from significant weight loss at the same time.

Besides diabetes and kidney disease, hyperthyroidism also can make a cat drinks more than usual.  Just like kidney disease, this thyroid disorder usually affects older cats. Besides excessive thirst, hyperthyroidism in cat is usually signed by sudden weight loss, and also constant panting.

So now that the answer of your question—why my Ragdoll cat is drinking more water than usual?—has been answered, make sure to find out the reasons immediately. If the weather is fine and you don’t switch your cat’s diet to dry food recently, it is best to take your Ragdoll to the vet as soon as possible.