What Would Happen If You Shave Your Ragdoll Cat


There are many reasons why you want to shave your Ragdoll’s hair. It could be because you find tick and flea infestation on your cat, or you simply want to keep it cool during the summer. But now the question is, can you shave a Ragdoll cat? Let’s find the answer for your question in the explanation below.

Can you shave a Ragdoll cat

Can You Shave a Ragdoll Cat?

Just like dogs, it is fine to shave your Ragdoll cat’s hair. As a matter of fact, it is necessary in some cases, for example, flea and tick infestation. Getting rid of flea and tick can be very difficult. Ragdoll has long hair so there are plenty of spaces for the fleas and ticks to hide and lay their eggs. So, to completely get rid of them, shaving the hair of the cat might be necessary in addition to other treatments.

Furthermore, just like the other long haired cats, Ragdoll’s hair can easily mat if not brushed regularly. When the hair is really matted, it can be very painful for the cat when you brush it. As a result, shaving the hair can be a nice option to solve this problem.

Should You Shave Your Ragdoll?

But just because it is safe to shave Ragdoll’s hair, it doesn’t mean that you should. There are many Ragdoll owners who shave their cat’s hair during summer so that the cat will not feel too hot. Actually, shaving Ragdoll’s hair in this case is highly unnecessary.

This is because Ragdoll’s hair will naturally shed more during summer. So, it is very unlikely for them to feel hot and get heat stroke just because they have too much hair. Besides, if your room is air conditioned, your cat can feel too cold without its fur. So, if you are afraid that your cat will feel hot during summer, instead of shaving its hair, simply provide cold water at all times and pay attention to the air circulation inside the room.

Even though Ragdoll is a long haired cat, its fur is slightly different with other long haired cat breeds. Ragdolls don’t have undercoat. As a result, their hair will not be matted easily. So, if a ragdoll cat’s hair end up matted, it clearly shows that the cat is not brushed regularly. It means, you actually can avoid the situation where you have to shave your cat due to matted hair if you brush its hair regularly. Remember, although ragdoll’s hair is shorter compared to other long haired cat breeds, its hair is still considerably long. So, regular brushing, at least two or three times per week, is very important.

Most problems with cat hair actually can be solved with regular and proper grooming. So, unless it is needed to make the cat healthier or more comfortable, shaving Ragdoll’s hair is not necessary. But if you want to do it, make sure to let professional groomer does the job because cat’s skin is known to be very thin so careless shaving can easily hurt it.