Why Does Indoor Ragdoll Cat Want to Go Out and Constantly Meows?


Why indoor ragdoll cat wants to go out and constantly meows? Nothing is as difficult as understanding your cats’ antic. Sometimes it’s just too stressful and you cannot seem to get things right. Ragdoll cats have recently become one of the most sought after feline breeds due to its sweet nature and striking appearance. So you are at a loss as to how to deal with the sudden change of demeanor.

Why indoor ragdoll cat wants to go out and constantly meows

What are the characteristics of a Ragdoll Cat?

Yes, the breed has a kind demeanor and incredibly sweet nature. It’s one of the breeds that love human companionship, so expect them to be all over their humans! Its striking appearance is another thing that makes them extremely attractive. With beautiful long face and at times, unharmonious physical structure, Ragdolls are simply elegant. Being a color pointed pedigree breed, the cat has a unique marking and cute leather nose that remains bright pink.

But the primary aspect that makes this breed look distinctive in nature is their bright blue eyes. Kittens are typically blue-eyed before their eyes turn yellow or brown. But in this particular pedigree breed, the color change does not turn into the typical yellow. Instead their blue eyes turn into a lighter shade of blue. In rare cases, their eyes may turn darker shades of blue. However as it’s already been stated, it doesn’t happen very often.

Disruptive meowing and crying in Ragdolls

With its sweet nature and pleasant demeanor, you may be taken aback when your Ragdoll start being loud and uncontrollable. Being an indoor cat, it may seem bizarre that your Ragdoll suddenly develops an interest in outdoors. What is going on? This disruptive behavior is puzzling, but there is a way to find out the reason behind it. Once you find out the answer to “Why indoor ragdoll cat wants to go out and constantly meows?” You may start working on minimizing its excessive vocalization.

Yes, excessive vocalization is indeed the term used to describe the excessive crying and meowing. Such vocalization, as it turns out, can be due to a myriad of different reasons. From illness, pain, to cognitive dysfunction syndrome. To understand whether or not its excessive vocalization is due to one of the aforementioned causes, cat owners must monitor their behavioral changes.

In cognitive dysfunction syndrome, for instance. The excessive vocalization is typically also followed with night waking. If that’s the case, behavior modification training may solve the issue. However, excessive vocalization may also due to their breed. Oriental feline breeds such as the Siamese can be incredibly loud as they are one of those ‘talkative’ breeds.

However, this shouldn’t have happened with Ragdolls. If your Ragdoll cat is not spayed, the answer to their excessive meowing and wanting to go outside is because they are in heat. You are advised to spay you Ragdoll once they are 7-months old. However, if your Ragdoll is spayed, their change in behavior can be related to boredom.

You may install a scratch post, set up an enclosed outdoor area such as the catio, and get them toys and company to keep them entertained. Now you no longer have to wonder why indoor ragdoll cat wants to go out and constantly meows?