Will Ragdoll Cats Attack My Hamster? Let’s Find the Answer


Ragdoll cat is one of the biggest cat races in the world. A group of this cat has been acknowledged by Guinness World of Records in some media. The ragdoll cat is initially developed by Ann Baker being an American breeder of Persian cats. Ragdoll is a type of cat combining Persian cat, birman race, and burmese race. Ragdoll cats sometimes are regarded to be the aggressive cats. Will ragdoll cats attack my hamster?

Will ragdoll cats attack my hamster

Physical Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll is a type of cat with a big body having wide chest and big hip. Male ragdoll cat has weight about 12 to 20 pounds and female ragdoll cat has weight for 10 to 15 pounds. Ragdoll cat has soft and medium fur looking like rabbit’s fur. Ragdoll cat color is varieties and innovative. The cats have some colors such as muted, bicolor, vanda, and one-point color belonging to the shape of solid, tortie, and lynk. For eyes parts, the cat generally tends to have blue oval eyes.

Characters of Ragdoll Cats

This ragdoll cat has good personality depending on the other cats. Ragdoll cat has nice sound, friendly, and doesn’t want to disturb anyone and playing actively. This cat is easily trained and becomes your friend when you get lonely. It is often regarded to be an aggressive cat because it loves playing so much. The cheerful character is dominant of this ragdoll cat. That is why many people regard that it is an aggressive cat.

After you know its character, let’s find out the treatment of the ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cats are a type of semi longhair fur. This cat group belongs to an independent group to treat its fur. But, the ragdoll cat fur needs to concern for its breeders or owners. Make sure that you maintain your ragdoll nicely and properly. You must bathe it routinely minimally twice a day. In bathing your ragdoll cat, it is better to apply special shampoo in pet shop. Don’t forget to comb your ragdoll cat in order to look tidy. For ragdoll cats, it is better to feed wet or dry foods sold in the pet shops. Don’t forget to feed your cat regularly and maintain its cleanliness.

Will Ragdoll Cat Attack Your Hamster or the Other Pets?

Will ragdoll cats attack my hamster? Is it right or wrong? There is actually a possibility of attacking my hamster. It is better to minimize this bad accident and incident before you decide to blend a cat with hamster in one cage. It needs to keep your hamster locked in its cage and in a closed room. You need to lock your hamster’s cage door every day. Don’t put your hamster in one area with your ragdoll cat. A ragdoll cat tends to be aggressive and active. It may involve your hamster to play with it. Moreover, hamster is a rodent animal. The cat is able to smell a small rodent animal around it. It enhances its hunting intuition. If you give that chance often to your cat, your ragdoll cat will attack your hamster. Will ragdoll cats attack my hamster? Surely, it is perhaps.