How to Clean Chinchilla Cage – Poops Fly Everywhere!?

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018. | Chinchilla

Unlike most rodents, chinchilla loves cleanness. Thus, the best way to make your chinchilla stays healthy is by keeping its cage clean. So, how to clean chinchilla cage – poops fly everywhere?!

Things to Do for Daily Cleaning

For daily cleaning, you have to make sure that your chinchilla’s cage should be routinely inspected and kept as clean as possible. However, it is unnecessary for you to change out the trash in the bottom part of the cage every day. But, you have to keep in mind that the hay of the chinchilla should be removed from the cage and then thrown out. You also need to remember that old food should also be removed from the chinchilla’s cage every day. This is important to do in order to keep the spreading of bacteria or infectious diseases in the cage so your chinchilla will stay healthy. Make sure that the cage surface is dry since the wet base will be ideal place for the bacteria to grow.

Chinchilla Cage – Poops Fly Everywhere

Things to Do for Weekly Cleaning

Since you do not need to change litter out from the cage if it is unnecessary, you should clean it once a week. This is important to avoid the build – up of bad odor and reduce the risks of health that your chinchilla will suffer because of the bacteria grow in the litter of the cage. Changing the litter out from the cage will also avoid bacteria to grow in wet shavings that will easily break down and decay if they get wet with urine and finally turn into soil. The shavings can also be ideal place mold to grow if the cage is dirty and causes health risks to chinchilla in turn. You might also need to wipe out the bottom part of your chinchilla’s cage cause the shavings will easily stick the pan. You can wipe the bottom of the cage by using little disinfectant placed on cleaning cloth or paper towel.

Floor Cleaning and Vacuuming

You need to vacuum your floor regularly to keep the area tidy and clean form any mess up caused by the chinchilla. You need to make sure that the vacuum you use to clean the floor should be able to take pellets and sucking up hay. Good vacuum is needed since could stuck in the motor’s device and clog it up. Another thing that will cause problem is chinchilla’s urine. This is because urine stains can easily end up on your floor and you will find it difficult to clean it up. Your walls will also get urine stains if you use multilevel cage to keep your chinchilla. You have to make sure that you clean the urine as soon as possible before to avoid any staining on your floors and walls.

Cage Disinfecting

One thing you should not forget in cleaning your chinchilla’s cage is disinfectant. Manage to use the material at least once or twice a month after you clean the cage. But, how often you should use disinfectant to the cage will depend on how dirty the cage is.