How to Ship a Dog? How Much Does It Cost?

Monday, October 30th 2017. | Dog crate

Is dog shipment possible to conduct? Shipping dog certainly can be conducted. You may get difficulties to bring your dogs when you want to move to the other cities, provinces, states, or even countries. How to ship a dog? How much does it cost? It becomes a brilliant guide to move your dog to another place.

How to ship a dog How much does it cost

How to Ship Your Dog

Shipping a dog can be conducted in some steps. It is impossible to ship dogs on your own without the help of a dog shipment company. There are some ways to do in shipping dog easily.

Choosing the Best and Cheap Air Cargo Service

The first thing to do is checking experts from expedition of air cargo that will be used. You should pick one best service for shipping your dogs. There are some dog shipment services that can be chosen. You should check it in detail and make sure that the experts and staff knows on how to handle animals and dog properly. The best air cargo for shipping dog usually has a special cabin to keep animals and dog there. It means that your dogs will be safe and secure in that space.

Checking Legality of Dog Shipment

There are some countries not allowing dog, bird, and cat shipped to the other countries. If you want to ship your dog, you must concern it. Make sure the destination of dog shipment doesn’t prohibit dog shipment. It is usually applicable for dog shipment for different countries. For different islands or cities, it is generally still permitted because it is one country.

Completing Requirement Documents

How to ship a dog? How much does it cost? After your dog is vaccinated, you should wait for fewer than 7 days before being shipped. It is caused that your dog was recently running a vaccination that will be dangerous if it is shipped to the far place. Save vaccination documents from veterinarian to submit to air cargo expedition service handling dog shipment. You should check the latest condition of your dogs whether it is sick, pregnant, or not.

Using Kennel Box

Kennel box is important to use for dog shipment. It needs to adjust for a type of dog that you ship. You must try to choose a comfortable kennel box. It is not too narrow or loose. This can be chosen by air cargo service. You should get confused on finding the best kennel dox for dog shipment.

How Much Does Dog Shipment Cost?

How much does dog shipment cost to pay? Every type of dog usually has no same cost. Dog shipment’s cost is depending on some things. Those are travel crate or kennel box, airplan ticket, transportation cost, pre – move vet visit, quarantine and custom fee, and international health documents for abroad shipment.

Shipping dog will be influenced some other factors anymore. The first one is about dog’s size. The larger and taller dog influences the cost of shipping dog. Destination of shipping dog becomes another factor of the cost. If the destination is far from airport, it is more expensive and vice versa. Import permits, custom clearance, and airport check in also influence the cost of shipping dog.  How to ship a dog? How much does it cost? It has been explained briefly before you ship your dog.