Medium Crate Dog – The Recommended Dog Crates For You

Monday, September 18th 2017. | Dog crate

It is common that the dog crates are always needed when we want to transport our dogs. Besides, we also need that thing in our house. When we leave our dogs alone at home, the dog crates will be their “shelter”. It is not just for ourselves; dog crates are also good for dogs because they can prevent bad things happen. This means, dog crates make your dogs don’t become destructive. But, you may have no idea about dog crates at all. Choosing dog crates is not that simple, it should fit with the dog size. For example, you must choose a medium crate dog if your dog is not big enough.

Medium crate dog

ProSelect PetEdge Easy Wire Dog Crate

This dog crate is very suitable for every medium-sized dogs such as Dalmatians, Keeshonds, Bulldogs, Norwegian Elkhounds, Basset Hounds, etc. In this ProSelect, there is a dual latching door which will secure your dogs safely. Besides, this dog crate can be folded to store. Another thing which makes this ProSelect good is, this dog crate is easy to clean.

The price of this dog crate is $59.45

Midwest Ultima Pro Series Dog Crate

When you are looking for a dog crate which can handle the strong dogs, this Midwest may be suitable for your dogs. Here, this Midwest is the strongest and most durable dog crate which will help you secure your dogs. Besides, this dog crate features a free divider panel, strong carrying handle, leakproof plastic pan, and rubber feet. In addition, this great dog crate also has double door.

The price of this dog crate is $46.79

Confidence Series 2 Door Pet Crate

As we know, dogs are animals that still want to spend their time in a den. Here, this dog crate will provide a place for their natural instinct. This Confidence is also easy to clean, lightweight, and sturdy. Which means, this dog crate will make your dogs feel comfortable. Yup, it is because this Confidence is also installed with a warm bed. In addition, your dogs will be relaxing with their toys.

The price of this dog crate is $22.99

Carlson Pet Products Single Door Crate

This dog crate is very durable. Why? Because it is built with steel construction. When you are looking a dog crate which has a good safety, this Carlson will provide it. Yup, it is because there is a single door design which is featured with a locking system. Besides, this dog crate is washable and removable. In addition, this medium dog crate can load up dogs that have 45 pounds of weight.

The price of this dog crate is $39.99