The Best Dog Crates in Walmart – What Are They?

Tuesday, September 19th 2017. | Dog crate

Are you looking for a dog crate? Yup, that’s why you are here. Having a dog crate is a thing which is important for our dog’s safety. It is useful when we are going to leave our dogs alone at home. However, you may have no idea about the dog crates which should be bought. So, to help you know the crates which are recommended to buy. Here, we are going to share you about the dog crates Walmart which have good quality.

OxGord 24 Heavy Duty

OxGord 24 Heavy Duty

This dog crate, is built with the materials which have great quality – Metal and great manufacturing. This means, the durability of this OxGord 24 doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. Besides, this dog crate also features multiple doors which can easily lock the door – with slide bolt latch. For the look, this OxGord 24 is finished with black electro coat finish. In addition, this dog crate is corrosion, fade, and rust resistant – even though in anextreme weather.

The price of this dog crate is $26.95

Ruff Maxx 36 Kennel

This dog crate is completely designed to give a secure protection to your dogs. Besides, this Ruff Maxx is a nice choice if you are going to travel with your dogs. Even though the material which is chosen to build this dog crate is plastic, you don’t need to be worried about its durability. Moreover, this Ruff Maxx is pretty airy because it has 360 degree ventilation. In addition, this dog crate is suitable for the dogs which have big size.

The price of this dog crate is $52.67

Midwest 36 iCrate Dog Crate

When you are looking for a dog crate which can handle the strong dogs, this Midwest may be suitable for your dogs. Here, this Midwest is the strongest and most durable dog crate which will help you secure your dogs. Besides, this dog crate features a free divider panel, strong carrying grip, leakproof plastic pan, and rubber feet. In addition, this great dog crate also has double door.

The price of this dog crate is around $17.57

Doskocil Pet Taxi

This one of dog crates Walmart is very suitable for your growing dogs. Here, this dog crate is designed to give a quick and easy assembly. Besides, there is a locking system which can give secure protection for your dogs. Not only that, this Doskocil has a grip – which makes this dog crate is easy to carry. In addition, this Doskocil is ideal for the dogs which have weight up to 10 lbs.

The price of this dog crate is $16.97