Advantages of Maintaining Pets – One is to make Longevity

Wednesday, October 4th 2017. | Dog pets

For most people keeping pets at home made as a hobby. Indeed this is one of the fun hobbies. You can keep a variety of pets, ranging from cats, dogs, birds, to hamsters. Even some people also keep pets that are quite unique, for example insects and snakes. It all depends on the passion and tastes of each person.

Advantages of Maintaining Pets - One is to make Longevity

Pet for reduce stress

With you keeping pets at home, it can help in relieving stress disorders. In fact it has been proven logically.

You may ask, “How can humans and pets be friends?” In fact, research has been conducted to answer that question. Based on the results of the study mentioned if the beginning humans train wolves for human purposes, namely to help hunt. But someday, there are people who adopt one of its species. Not a wolf but a tame dog. It cannot be used to hunt wild animals, but dogs are really loyal to their masters. And this is the beginning where humans begin to keep dogs as pets.

Back to talking about raising pets, and its relation to reduce stress. You can imagine feeling tired after work one day, then you are greeted by a pet that faithfully waits at home. In modern times like today, many people live in big cities, including in the United States, who live alone and more individually.

With the presence of pet at home then the stress level because of the influence of social life will disappear. Especially for you who workaholic and lack of social time. Pets will also make you feel happy and not alone anymore.

Pets dog can keep you entertain, not feel alone, and of course healthier

Feeling loneliness is a mental burden experienced by many people. Maybe now you also experience it. Many elderly people prefer to live with pets.

Living with pets can help keep one’s mental health, and overcome the boredom that experienced. You can take a walk in the morning along with your pet dog, doing it also makes you healthier because you will not be lazy to exercise. Remember in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. Also read Siberian Husky diarrhea treatments.

Keeping Pet at home can make you live longer, why?

There is a study ever conducted by The American Heart Association. Research to answer the question of “Is there a connection between maintaining pets by making longevity?”

Based on the results of the study mentioned if it turns out to pet it can help in stabilizing heart rate, blood pressure, and lower body cholesterol levels.

There are also other studies that have been done with the involvement of high blood pressure patients, and patients who experience stress. After 6 months of experimenting living with pet, it turns out the patient’s blood pressure gradually normalized. Here you certainly know that keeping pets is not a shortcut to get longevity. But at least it can help in reducing the risk of a deadly disease. Such as high blood disease that can lead to stroke, cholesterol, and heart disease.