Can Dogs Eat Nougat and Is It Safe for Them?

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When you eat tasty sweet nougat, it’s amazing smell might attract your dog. After that, your dog will sit in front of you with his puppy eyes hoping you will give him some. While it is always hard to say no to such a cute expression, as a responsible dog owner you know that you can’t give your dog just any food. So, can dogs eat nougat? Let’s find out the answer for your question from the explanation below.

Can dogs eat nougat

What Is Nougat Made Of

To know whether nougat is safe for your dog or not, we have to find out its ingredients first. There are many types of nougat and the ingredients will depend on the recipe. Some of the most popular types of nougats are German nougat, white nougat and brown nougat.

German nougat is made of sugar, chocolate and almond. White nougat’s main ingredients are usually sugar, whipped egg whites and honey. Meanwhile, brown nougat is made of caramelized sugar, sugar, honey and sometimes chocolate.

Can Dogs Eat Nougat?

Nougat has plenty of ingredients that dogs are going to like but are not safe for them. The first one is sugar. Consuming too much sugar can make dog’s stomach bloated, cause digestion problems and just like human, sugar also can make dog develops diabetes. If the nougat contains caramelized sugar, it might stick on your dog’s teeth and trigger teeth problems.

The second one is chocolate. Chocolate is extremely harmful for dogs and you should avoid giving anything that contains chocolate to your dog at all cost. This is because chocolate contains Theobromine which is known as the cause of so many health problems in dogs. Dogs that consume theobromine can experience some symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, increased thirst and urination, increased heart rate, seizures and even tremor. The dose of theobromine that can cause health issues in dogs is hard to predict. Everything will depend on the size of the dog and also how much chocolate it consumes. So, it is better not to take any risks and keep any foods that contain chocolate out of your dog’s reach.

In addition to sugar and chocolate, nuts also can be dangerous for dogs. The bad news is, most types of nuts that are used to make nougat are the harmful ones for dogs. One of them is almond. Almond is not toxic but it is known to cause upset stomach in dogs. The same goes for macadamia and pistachio. Besides giving upset stomach, macadamia and pistachio can also cause pancreatitis in dogs. But not all types of nuts are dangerous for dogs, though. Peanuts, cashew and hazelnuts are some that you can safely give to them.


So, can dogs eat nougat? Unfortunately, giving nougat as a treat for your dog is not a good idea. This sweet snack contains high amount of sugar and some even comes with chocolate, which contains harmful substances for dogs. Even though it is not going to be dangerous in small amount, it is best to avoid giving your dog nougat if you want him to be healthy.