Can My Dog Eat 1 Skittle? Get the Answer Here!

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If you have dogs, you might wonder can my dog eat 1 skittle? Well, in fact, skittles are not considered as toxic to them. However, you are suggested not to give skittles to your dogs. The article below will help you to understand why it is not suggested for the dog owners to let their dogs consuming skittle and what should the dog owners do when they find out their dogs had already eaten skittle.

Can My Dog Eat 1 Skittle

It’s not okay to let your dogs eat skittles

Even though skittles do not contain xylitol or chocolate (two of the most dangerous substances to consume for dogs), but still, it is not recommended for your dogs’ consumption since it contains artificial flavors, sugar and saturated fat which will give bad impacts on your dog’s health. Consuming sugary products regularly may lead to obesity and diabetes and bad for your dog’s teeth. In addition, skittles also contain corn (including corn starch and corn syrup) which your dogs may be allergic to.

What if your dogs already eaten skittle(s)?

In most cases, if your dogs had already eaten skittles, they will be fine. However, it is still important for the dog owners to keep an eye on them regularly in order to ensure that your dogs do not exposed to allergic reactions of the artificial flavors or corn substances in skittles. Thus, if you see any strange behavior in your dog such as skin infections, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or excessive licking, itching, face rubbing and scratching, there is no other way except to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. For your information, candy which is made from pure sugar may cause diarrhea and severe gas. The sugar substances will not only give a good source for the gut bacteria to grow but also take away the water into the colon which further may lead to bad diarrhea.


Even though eating skittles in a small amount will not harm your dog, but the sugar substances are certainly not recommended for your dog’s health. Generally, candy contains chocolate, xylitol or raisins which can lead problem to your dog, even it can cause death. Thus, as the dog owners, you must always pay careful attention by checking the ingredients of the food before you give it to your dogs, including candy products. By considering the low nutritional value that skittles have, it becomes another reason why skittles are not recommended to be eaten by your dogs. However, if you think your dog’s health is already guaranteed, and then choosing skittles as an occasional snack are still ok for your dogs.

Last but not least, it is always best idea for the dog owners to keep your dog safe, especially during the events that candy will be in any place, by keeping all of your event treats in a safe and secure place. Hopefully, this article helps to answer your question regarding “Can my dog eat 1 skittle?”