Do Siberian Huskies eat cats? Is Your Cat Safe?

Wednesday, December 6th 2017. | Dog pets

Do Siberian Huskies eat cats? Well, this question is often asked by them who are interested to take care of a Siberian husky dog breed but they already keep a cat as well. Sometimes, it is indeed quite confusing by remembering that the dog tends to have predator instinct. To know more about this dog, here are some characteristics of Siberian husky.

Do Siberian Huskies eat cats

It should not be alone

Siberian husky is a kind of social dogs and it is always being oriented to a group. Slightly, it seems that they always want a good friendship with people and other dogs. That’s why, it is suggested to you not to leave the Siberian husky too long since it can be simply depressed. The depression version of this type of dogs is signed by howling continuously, trying to escape, and even damaging your things.

It loves people

There is a saying that Siberian husky is not suitable for guidance. Why? The reason is too cute anyway since it loves anyone. Even the thief that comes to your house must be treated well by this dog although it may still be barking. But there is something you should keep in mind; Siberian Husky loves to be cuddled by people; creatures that are bigger than them. It means that you must be careful when the dog faces the smaller animals including the cats.

It loves running

Although Siberian husky looks so melancholic with some characters that have been mentioned before, it is really active and powerful. Originally, this breed was often functioned to pull of the carriage. But then after decades, the transportation has been developed so rapidly, the dog is free for this duty. Consequently, it is now known as a nice and cute pet. Sure, this is not lessening the fact that Siberian husky is still powerful. Good evidence is that it is very active and love running. Just let them play by throwing a toy in a certain direction, this dog will happily bring it to you. Running is indeed something normal for dogs. But it gives troubles for other smaller animals like cat. Yes, those small animals can even be threatened with the presence of Siberian husky just because of this habit.

It keeps their things cautiously

Many Siberian husky don’t like to share their toys, foods, and others. Okay, not all of them are like that but mostly they do. This is the problem when you have another pet at home. Particularly the cats, they really like to play anything, maybe, including the toy that is owned by your Siberian husky dog.

The predator instinct is so strong

Above all the matters mentioned above, Siberian husky is a truly predator. Yes, they are probably not as wild as wolf or something. But there is still an instinct in them to catch and prey smaller animals including your beloved cats. Other animals they may love to eat are chicken, rabbit, and even their friend, a smaller dog. Make sure that the dog is always under your monitor so that it doesn’t have a chance to disturb other animals.

So, do the Siberian Huskies eat cats? The answer is yes, unless you train them!