Planning Diet for Husky and Malamute

Thursday, October 5th 2017. | Dog pets

Do you have husky or malamute? If so, you may want to know the best diet for your lovely husky or malamute. Husky and malamute often called as snow dog. What is the best diet for snow dog? Some snow dog owner feels so confuse to choose food for their dog. As we know that dog food can be raw, kibble, home-cooked or combination of them. Actually, you just need to give your snow dog the best food. Read some information below to know more about Husky and Malamute diet.

Recommended Diet for Husky and Malamute

Every Diet for Snow Dog Has Strength and Weakness

Snow Dog food is varied. It means we have to know the best nutrients for our snow dog. Combining some foods may be good, but we have to remember that every diet has strength and weakness. The combination of food may not fulfill best nutrients needed by dog. For example, you feed your dog using low quality kibble, actually that is not recommended. Giving your snow dog too many raw bones and chicken neck is also not recommended. Not only that, giving your dog cooked chicken, white rice and small amount of vegetable is also not recommended. Snow dog, especially husky and malamute need high quality, high protein, low carbohydrate and moderately high fat foods. So, consider about nutrients contain on dog food before feeding your snow dog.

The Criteria of Good Diets for Snow Dog

As mentioned before, we have to know the best food that contains good nutrients for our snow dog. For you who feel so confuse about that, here are the criteria of best food for snow dog:

  1. The percentage of protein is about 30%, fat is about 20%, and complex carbohydrate is about 30%.
  2. The food contains vitamins and mineral. Food contains supplements is also recommended, but make sure the sources of nutrients are natural (not synthetic).
  3. The food contains high protein. The protein can come from meat and meal. Meat A through C is good source of protein.
  4. The food contains probiotic and prebiotics to get healthy digestive system.
  5. Not only meat, fish can be chosen because fish is protein base. You can also choose fowl if you can’t give food contains fish to your snow dog. No matter the type of food, make sure it contains good nutrients for your snow dog.
  6. The food contains fruits and vegetables.
  7. The food contains fat, but the fat comes from meat.
  8. The source of complex carbohydrate should be seeds, fruits, legumes and veggies. But, make sure that complex carbohydrate doesn’t come from wheat and corn.
  9. The food also contains useful herbs to improve snow dog’s digestive system.
  10. When you preserve the foods, make sure you use natural vitamin E oil to give your snow dog many health benefits.

How Much Protein and Fat Needed by Snow Dog?

Every dog breed has different need. If you have snow dog, you have to know what nutrition needed by them. Different from other dog breeds, snow dog need higher protein than other dog breeds. It means your snow dog need food with high protein level. What to do to get it? If you chose kibble to feed your snow dog, you have to read the ingredients of kibble. Make sure kibble you choose offers 30% to 40% protein level. But, it also depends on your dog’s activity. If your snow dog often does various things or activity, you have to choose kibble that contains higher protein level.

Not only protein, fat is also needed by snow dog. But, you have to choose kibble that contains 18% or 20% fat level. The best protein for your snow dog usually can be gotten from fish or fowl based foods. So, you can choose kibble that is made from fish or fowl to make sure your snow dog get enough protein every day. If you feed your snow dog and think that the diet contains low protein, you can add other protein source to your dog foods, such as lamb, beef, bison, and many more. They can substitute low protein level on your snow dog diet.

Feeding Your Snow Dog Based on Season

If you live in a country which has 4 seasons, it means you need to know best diets for snow dog in every season. As we know that every season has different condition. It may influence your snow dog’s health. So, you have to know right nutrition should be given to your dog in every season. In the winter, you can feed your dog a kibble that contains fish because it will give high fatty acids level to make your dog has healthy coat and skin.

Different from winter, you can start feeding your dog lighter proteins when the spring comes. For example, you can choose dog food that contains more fowl. When the summer comes, snow dogs don’t need small amount of fat and protein in foods. So, you can switch your dog foods with low protein from fish and high protein from fowl. You can also add meat which contains protein to perfect your snow dog diet. When the autumn comes, choose dog foods with higher fat and protein from fish. It will help your snow dog to have healthy and thick coat.

The Right Diet Portion for Snow Dog

Many dog owners feel so confuse about how often they should feed their dog. For you who have snow dogs, you have to know about your dog first. Actually, snow dogs are different from other dog breeds. Other dog breeds may need eating big portion every day, while snow dogs don’t need to eat big portion a day. Actually, snow dogs just require small portion a day. Why? It is because snow dogs have high metabolism. Small portion of foods will be processed effectively to improve metabolism process.

There are other unique things had by snow dogs. Actually, snow dogs can’t eat too much food every day because by consuming too much food, snow dogs usually get sick. So if you are a snow dog owner, make sure you give enough portion of food for your snow dog. Snow dogs also eat based on their activity. Snow dogs which often doing activity every day, they usually need higher portion than snow dog which don’t want to do activity. So, you can check the condition of your dog first before feeding them.

For you who still confuse about the portion of dog food needed by your snow dog, you can feed your snow dog with 1-2 cups of high quality dog food every day. But if the foods full of corn and animal by-product, you can feed your snow dog 3-5 cups every day. Remember that every snow dog needs different portion based on their activity, so you have to know right portion for your snow dog.

Tips to Feed Your Puppy

Other thing you have to consider before feeding your snow dog is the age of your snow dog. If your snow dog is a puppy, make sure you choose puppy food which is formulated for puppy. Make sure the food also formulated based on the age of your puppy. As we know that puppy food is varies, and you have to choose puppy food that is formulated based on your puppy’s age. For example, if your puppy’ age is under 1 years, make sure you choose puppy food that is formulated for puppy under 1 years. And for you who have a dog which will be a large breed dog, you have to choose puppy food which contains large breed formula. Well, those are some information for you about husky and malamute diet. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you.