Easy Guide for Feeding your Husky

Wednesday, December 6th 2017. | Dog pets

What does a Siberian husky eat? Siberian husky is one of the dog breeds that are really popular all around the world. The shape along with the fur is indeed nice and attractive. But more than that, it is also a kind of strong dogs originally used to pull off the carriage.

Well, if you have a plan to keep this breed, it is a good idea anyway. However, there are indeed some important things to be considered including the foods to be given. Be careful in choosing the foods. You should not feed them with meals that have high salinity since it will give bad effects to their health. Meanwhile, the meals also should not contain high level of protein as well as alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, wine, avocado, and even pepper since those ingredients are quite poisonous for Siberian husky. So, what are the meals considered as the best for this type of dogs? Here they are.

What does a Siberian Husky eat


Fresh meat that has been boiled until it is cooked well is a good choice. Don’t forget to bring rice and vegetables along with it. For baby Siberian husky, it is better if the rice is being cooked into porridge so that they can digest it more easily. Meanwhile, the meat is ultimately needed since it is important for the growth and the source of energy. The nutrition contained in the vegetables is also essential for the main sources of vitamins and minerals.

Manufactured Foods

Foods that are manufactured, packaged, and then sold in the supermarket are also a good alternative for your Siberian husky anyway. However, it is better to choose those that are indeed intended for this breed. In fact, the nutrition needed by a dog can be different from one to another based on their activities. Make sure that the foods contain some kinds of nutrition including vitamin, mineral, and calorie. If it is possible, you should pick them out that have no coloring and artificial preservation.

Dog Pellets

Pellets are known for poultry and fishes. But sure, there are also other sorts of pellets produced for dogs and even cats. Well, for your Siberian husky, it is so good to feed them this since pellet is already made along with complete and full nutrition. Particularly if you don’t have enough time to make the dog special homemade foods, pellet is such a good alternative. However, be sure that pellets and manufactured foods are not given every day. For many reasons, the homemade ones are more recommended.


It has been mentioned in the first point that rice can be cooked into porridge for the baby Siberian husky. Then, it is not only porridge from rice anyway. Sometimes, you can change the menu by making porridge from grain or corn, still along with vegetables and meats. Just remember the principle mentioned in the beginning, it should not be too salty and having too much protein.

Although the ingredients for Siberian husky foods should be cooked well, it must not be overcooked as well since it can make the nutrition lessened significantly. So, those are; what does a Siberian husky eat?