What Should You Do If Your Dogs Eat Rainbow Drops

Saturday, May 12th 2018. | Dog pets

Some dog owners love giving their dog’s sweet food like candy or even Rainbow Drops. Unfortunately, it is not a secret that not every human food is safe for dogs. So, how about Rainbow Drops? Can Dogs eat Rainbow Drops? To answer your curiosity, let’s take a look at the explanation below.

Can dogs eat rainbowdrops

The Main Ingredients of Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops is many people’s favorite. This colorful cereal doesn’t contain any artificial coloring and it is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The main ingredients of Rainbow Drops are sugar, glucose syrup, rice and maize. The colorings are made of copper chlorophyllin, beetroot red, lutein and paprika extract.

Can Dogs Eat Rainbow Drops?

Rainbow Drops don’t contain any artificial coloring and even vegans can eat this. So, does this mean it is safe for dogs? Unfortunately, dogs still cannot eat this popular cereal. Even though it doesn’t use any artificial colorings, it doesn’t mean that the other ingredients are safe for dogs.

As what you can see from the ingredients, Rainbow Drops contain sugar and glucose syrups which can cause upset stomach in dogs. It is possible that your dog can vomit or get diarrhea after eating the sweet cereal. Furthermore, eating too much sugary food also can cause diabetes and liver failure in long term.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Rainbow Drops?

Now that you know that Rainbow Drops is not safe for dogs, what should you do if you find your dog eats some? It is important for you to know that even though it can be harmful in such a huge amount, sugar is not toxic for dogs. It means, there is no need to panic if your dog eats Rainbow Drops. If your dog doesn’t eat too much of the sweet food, there is no reason to worry.

You simply need to watch him closely to make sure that your dog doesn’t show any unusual symptoms, such as bloated stomach. If he looks okay, simply give him some water regularly for the whole day and the excessive sugar will be flushed out of its system. After that, make sure to avoid giving your dog anything sugary to prevent unexpected long term effect like diabetes.

But if you notice that your dog has upset stomach or his stomach is bloated, giving him water might not be enough. Too much sugar in his system can mess up with your dog’s digestive system. Sugar will trigger the growth of bad bacteria in your dog’s digestive system and kill the good ones. To balance the composition of his gastrointestinal bacteria, you can give him some plain yogurt. Remember, the yogurt should not contain any sugar and fat. The probiotic from the yogurt can help normalizing his digestive system and getting rid of the bloated and upset stomach.

If your dog vomits or still have diarrhea after 24 hours, take him to the vet immediately. Moreover, make sure to pay more attention on your dog’s activity and what he eats so your dog can stay healthy.