Why Are Pit Bull Dogs So Ferocious: Fact or Myth?

Saturday, November 11th 2017. | Dog pets

Every now and then, we find questions such as “why are pit bull dogs so ferocious?” and “are pit bulls dangerous?” every single time a topic about this particular breed is brought up. Many raise their concern about the fact that pit bulls only make up roughly 6-percent of dog population in the United States, yet this small number is cited to be responsible for 68-percent of dog attacks and worse, 52-percent of dog-related deaths. With numerous news outlets consistently air the danger and aggressive nature of pit bulls, more and more people believe the stigma.

Why Are Pit Bull Dogs So Ferocious Fact or Myth

Understanding the real nature of pit bulls’ through history

When you think of this particular breed, one of the first few things that may come into your mind is perhaps how aggressive they are. With all of the bad press surrounding this breed, it is quite difficult to see them the other way around. But what if we told you that, throughout the history up until a few years ago, pit bulls were actually considered as one of the most loving and loyal companion? If that is shocking, you will be even more shocked to learn that they were actually highly regarded as a “nanny dog.”

Yes, this is the same breed that we publicly demonize and cast aside. Back in the day, pit bulls were widely referred to as “the nanny dog” due to their unparalleled devotion and unconditional love for children. This doesn’t go well with the current stigma, many people in this day and age believe these dogs are ferocious and even more vicious towards children. Indeed, it’s a massive departure from the beliefs towards pit bulls in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pit bulls’ wonderful qualities; truth or myth?

The first pit bulls were brought from England in 1800 and since then they quickly became favorites of many. Since the very beginning, pit bulls have been popular for their strength, undying loyalty as well as their love for people – especially children. Their big built and muscles made them all the more attractive and loved. When people in the 19th and 20th centuries saw them, they saw a loving and loyal protector. They felt safe. However, these wonderful qualities seem to have taken a completely different turn a few decades later. What went wrong?

By now readers may have probably realized that it’s not in their nature to be ferocious and dangerous. Ironically the positive qualities that they have are turned into those of criminal intent by irresponsible owners. As is with other breeds that aren’t trained and raised properly, pit bulls are ferocious due to improper training. Strong as they are, owners started to train them to fight for illegal dog fighting towards the end of the 20th century. And loyal to a fault, they blindly followed the teaching of these irresponsible individuals.


With that being said, pit bulls are not ferocious per se. It’s their owners’ wrongdoing that should have been publicly shamed and punished – not the dog. With this myth-busting news, we hope those who come here to find out “why are pit bull dogs so ferocious?” will be enlightened and start loving pit bulls as they deserve.