Adding Grease to Dogs Food: Is It Healthy?

Friday, April 6th 2018. | Dog treatment

“Is ok to add a little grease to my dog’s food?” This question has been asked by many people for a myriad of reasons. Most of the times, it’s due to pet’s loss of appetite. This issue is very common and majority of pet owners will do whatever it takes to get their dogs to eat. One trick that has never failed is adding a little grease to dog’s food. Many pet owners swear by adding bacon grease to dog’s food as it always does the trick. But is it safe for our dogs? Here we will discuss the topic in great detail.

Is ok to add a little grease to my dogs food

Importance of fats in your dog’s diet

In order to create a healthy balanced diet for dogs, you simply cannot forego fats and oils. Diets containing about 10 to 15-percent fat are advised in order to maintain health of your adult dog. However, not a lot of pet owners are aware of how much fat a particular treat or food contains. While it’s true that dogs do not have to worry about their cholesterol levels, it also comes with many side effects.

With diet low in fat, dogs end up developing dull coat along with dry, and itchy skin. Resulting in a highly uncomfortable condition for them to bear. However the other way around is, when dog is given diet that is high in fat, they may develop many potentially fatal health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. They may also develop diminished immune system on top of that.

The role of fat in dogs

As a concentrated form of energy, your dog gets twice the amount of energy compared to proteins and carbohydrates. Fats used in dog foods become the first nutrients that they body uses as source of energy. Unlike fatty foods consumed by humans, dogs do not share similar issue as fats in their diet are highly digestible.

With that information above, it’s clear that fats have a lot of crucial functions in canines. They are not only important in providing energy, but also necessary for the normal function and development of tissues, muscles, cells, and nerves. As one of the most important components in prostaglandins, it also effectively reduces inflammation and so many other bodies’ importance.

Healthy fats for your dog

“Is ok to add a little grease to my dog’s food?” The simple answer may largely be revolving around on portion control. While nothing in excess is ever good, the type of fat given to your dogs is undoubtedly important. As impressive as this nutrient is, the fats in dog foods are generally supplied by oils from plants, and animal fat.

Premium quality dog food typically consists of both omega-3 fatty acids and also omega-6 fatty acids. All of which are incorporated in proper balance. However, if you decide on finding another source of healthy fats apart from packaged dog food, see the following section:

  • Common food sources of Omega3 fatty acids are fish oils such as herring and salmon, canola oils, and flaxseed oils.
  • Common food sources of Omega6 fatty acids are oils such as safflower, corn, sunflower and soy beans, pork fat, poultry fat and more.

The answer to your “Is ok to add a little grease to my dog’s food?” question is yes, as long as it’s under 15-percent of fat.