An Idea of Affordable Carrageenan-Free Dog Foods

Wednesday, April 11th 2018. | Dog treatment

Inexpensive canned dog foods without carrageenan? It may be something frustrating for you hunting the right dog foods for your lovely dogs. The issue about the danger of the carrageenan makes us fill with a bunch of worries. It is really common since it is said that carrageenan is carcinogenic. It is also stated to trigger the inflammation. What makes it really frustrating is about most of the dog food products, especially the type of wet food ones consist of this ingredient. It is not easy finding the carrageenan less dog foods, but we can find some. Then, the next problem is about the high price dog foods which did not include the carrageenan as one of the ingredients.

Inexpensive canned dog foods without carrageenan

Getting to Know about Carrageenan

There is actually no proper study which may be the answer whether carrageenan is totally dangerous. The fact there now is FDA still approves it. On the other hand, the “National Standards Board” has decided to remove this ingredient from their list of approvals in 2016.

Then, what is carrageenan actually? This is actually a kind of food ingredients which is for additive use. That is to help emulsifying, thickening, and even preserving the food and even drink. This is actually the natural based ingredient made from Irish moss or red seaweed. Still, the danger of carrageenan is still a controversy.

Dog Foods without Carrageenan

Of course, for the dog lovers or for you who are taking care of dogs, you may feel really worried in giving your dog the canned foods. That is because most of those canned foods contain carrageenan. Is there any canned dog food which is free from carrageenan? Of course there are. Some brands offer the carrageenan-free dog foods. However, most of them are offered in the higher price. What about the Inexpensive canned dog foods without carrageenan? It is really hard to find till now but it does not mean you could not have it a try. You can still hunt for the more affordable one.

The Alternative Dog Foods without Carrageenan

As mentioned above, hunting the cheap canned dog foods which are carrageenan-free is something challenging and hard to find. However, there is the simple solution for you to get some peace of mind to see your dogs healthy and fit. The alternative is to make the homemade dogs food. That is actually really simple yet easy. There are lots of recipes which you can find online. Of course, you do not need to make the foods every day since you can make a big portion for some days. You can choose the recipe with the ingredients which your dog loves the most, for example fish, beef, or others. You can also combine it with some vegetables as well.

From the info above, it is better for you to be really selective choosing the right food for your dogs. It is good to notice and be aware of each of the ingredients in the dog food. The homemade dog food is still the best choice for the healthy dog and it can be the answer for the question on Inexpensive canned dog foods without carrageenan?