Any Dog Food Brands without Chicken in It?

Monday, March 19th 2018. | Dog treatment

What is the choice of dog food for your dog? You may give instant dog food. Of course, there are many dog foods claiming that it is healthy for a dog. But, can you find any dog food brands without chicken in it? You can consider some following things to answer it.

Any Dog Food Brands without Chicken in It

Is Any Dog Food Brands Without Chicken in It?

Dog is a cute animal eating all provided foods with any quality when it gets hungry. Before you feed it, it is right to ensure the quality of purchased dog food whether it contains chicken or not and quality of dog food. Of course, there are some brands of dog food without chicken ingredients. Some of brands launch its dog foods dedicated for the dogs having allergy to the chicken ingredients. There are some quality dog foods that can be chosen. The food quality levels are grocery quality, premium quality, super premium quality, and holistic quality.

There are only two types of dog foods meeting chicken free dog foods. The first one is grocery quality. Grocery quality means that dog food with general quality is mostly sold in supermarket or minimarket. It usually uses basic ingredients from rice cereal, corn, and soy. The protein source is from egg, bone powder, animal blood, and by – product from the other animals. The dog food quality usually contains chemical preservative, MSG, and chemical flavor. It has no chicken content but it is bad to consume causing long term health problems. So, it is not recommended to feed your lovely dog. Holistic quality is another option for answering any dog food brands without chicken in it. The dog food quality is balance to your natural foods for your beloved pet. It contains meat, vegetables, and grain in holistic category. It takes organic or natural ingredients.

Why You Should Prevent Chicken Protein in Dog Food

It is like a human; a dog can get allergy to all types of foods especially with the repeated exposure. There are types of food allergen including corn, milk, and wheat but some general proteins are in the list. One of the types is chicken. There is a main reason preventing dog food with chicken. It has a potential to cause allergy. If your dog is allergic to chicken, it is better to find alternative dog food containing free chicken basic ingredient. Though your dog is not allergic to chicken, it is still potential to develop its allergen in the body. There is a significant relationship between polyradiculoneutritis condition in which the dog is unable to stand and walk due to eating raw chicken.

Recommendations of Chicken Free Dog Foods

Finding free chicken content is a right choice for your dogs. The first choice is Instinct by Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe with Real Lamb. It gets A+ rank for the quality of this dog food. You can also choose Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe canned dog food getting A+ rank. For A – ranked food category, you can select Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal, Lotus Oven Baked Duck, and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream as the recommended dog foods without chicken content. Those are examples of chicken free dog foods if you find any dog food brands without chicken in it. The example of chicken free dog foods can answer the question that there are food brands containing no chicken.