Can Dogs Eat Fried Fish? – Everything You Should Know

Tuesday, May 15th 2018. | Dog treatment

Can dogs eat fried fish? If you regularly feed your dogs with special dog food, you might find fish among its ingredients. But, can you just use fried fish to feed your dogs?

Can dogs eat fried fish

Should You Feed Your Dogs with Fried Fish?

Fish is a common material that frequently included in dog food. But it doesn’t mean that you may just give fish to your dogs and let them eat it. If you want to put fish on your dog’s menu, there will be things that you need to know. Though fish is generally not considered dangerous for dogs, but it will cause health problems to your pets if you prepare it in incorrect ways. So, can dogs eat fried fish? Well, if you cook the fish with too much oil, it will cause your dogs to have serious health problems just like pancreatitis. Another thing that will lead health problem to the pets is seasoning. Avoid using seasoning which contains to toxic materials, such as garlic. But, the biggest problem might occur to your pets when you feed them with fish is bones. The fish bones can lead serious health problem to the dogs.

Reasons to Add Fish in Your Dogs’ Menu

Basically, dogs really like the smell of fish and it can increase their appetite. However, fish can be very beneficial to your pet’s health due to useful substances contained in it. It is widely known that fish is rich of protein. Most dog foods which are available in the market now often put fish in their ingredient list as healthy source of protein. Not only that, fish is also popular with its omega – 3 fatty acids. Most veterinarians think that the acids are very beneficial for your dog’s health since they can lower inflammation. Moreover, fish is seen more beneficial if compared to other food ingredients such as chickens, especially if your dogs have food allergies. But, in spite of all benefits your dogs can get from fish, but you have to make sure that you consult to veterinary nutritionist if you intend to give feed homemade diet to your pets. You need to ensure that the fish you prepare to feed can meet all nutritious needed by your dogs. There is great tip if you want to try feeding your pets with fish. You better give your dog small portion for the first time. Once your pets get used to with their fish menu and you find no problem with that, you can give them bigger portion little by little till you are sure that there is no GI upset or allergic reaction shown.

What Best Types of Fish for Your Dogs?

Not all of fish types are suitable for your dogs. Commonly, dogs are only given fish comes from shorter – lived species such as ocean whitefish, walleye, Arctic char, flounder, river whitefish, salmon, and herring. Those shorter – lived species are great for dogs’ health. Meanwhile, fish with longer – lived species such as swordfish and tuna are considered unsuitable since they usually contain heavy metals.