Can Dogs Eat Plain Digestive Biscuits? – Choosing the Acceptable Treats for Your Dogs

Tuesday, May 15th 2018. | Dog treatment

Can dogs eat plain digestive biscuits? You might think that plain digestive biscuits are healthier and bring no harm to your dogs. But, will it be really ok?

Can dogs eat plain digestive biscuits

Plain Digestive Biscuits for Dogs: Pros and Cons

What is digestive biscuit actually? Is it just the same with ordinary biscuits you consume every day? And can dogs eat plain digestive biscuits? Well, digestive biscuit is also called as a sweet – meal biscuits sometimes. Being originated from Scotland, this biscuit is high of fiber and people sometimes preferred to dunk into a cup of tea before consumes it. The biscuit is indeed made for human. But, most pets also love the food. Though most people find it no problem to feed the biscuits for their dogs, but are it really safe? Digestive biscuits, especially the plain ones are considered less in sugar and calories if compared some dog biscuits according to a Vets’ leaflet. However, it doesn’t mean you might give your dogs the biscuits as much as possible. This is because the foods are not especially designed for pets and not all of human foods are safe for the animals. It always is better if you give your dog’s special food designed for them to keep them healthy? Most dogs, especially those with sensitive digestive system will not be able to handle too much calories and sugar that commonly exist in human food. Though digestives with plain taste contain less sugar but still it is not quite appropriate for dogs. Even though you find it is ok for your dogs to eat the plain digestive treats you give, but you need to be careful. Too much human food given to the pets will make them prone to suffer from serious health problems in the future.

What Should Be Given to Your Dogs

There are some human foods that are safe to be given to dogs while some others are not. You need to know what are good and bad for your dogs to avoid any unexpected things in the future. The safe food for dogs includes:

Peanut butter – you can give your dogs a little unsalted peanut butter as a treat. Not only delicious, the food is also rich of healthy fats and protein. But, you have to remember to not pick up the one with xylitol.

Yoghurt – not only good for human, yoghurt is also healthy treat for dogs. It is a great source of calcium and protein. Pick up the one with plain taste since yoghurt wit added sugar is bad for your dogs.

Oatmeal – the food is rich source of fiber and considered safe for dogs even the ones with wheat allergies. Cook the oatmeal first without sugar added before you give it to your pets.

Meanwhile, the human food that you must not give to your dog including chocolate. The food contains caffeine which can cause your pets to suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, irregular heartbeat, even death. Onion is also another food you should avoid to give to your dogs. The ingredient is very dangerous for your pets since it can cause damage to their red blood cells.