Can My Dog Eat Pepperami? This Article Helps You Get the Answer!

Thursday, May 10th 2018. | Dog treatment

“Can my dog eat pepperami?” this question might cross to your mind, especially when you are meat and dog’s lover at the same time. Well, in order to get the answer, this article will help you to know first what actually pepperami is, does consuming this food give any bad impact on your dog? What should the dog owners do when they find out their dogs had already eaten pepperami.

Can my dog eat pepperami

What is pepperami?

If you are not familiar with pepperami, then it’s better to know a brief description about this food. Pepperami is basically meat products in form of spicy sausage. The original pepperami was initially made with 37.5 gram of pork meat in every 25 gram of sausage. Meanwhile, the pepperami wideboy is made from 60 grams of pork meat in every 40 grams sausage. The difference between these two products is from moisture loss in the meat and the weight loss while the meat is dried.

However, the product size was decreased from 25 grams, now it remains into 22.5 grams because of shrinkflation event in 2017. Recently, the pepperami manufacturers revised the formula into less salt content and saturated fat product. This product is widely sold Ireland and United Kingdom.

Can my dog eat pepperami?

Giving your dog a pepperami treat obviously is not the healthiest of choices. It is because pepperami has juicy type of pork meat which usually contains salt and spices. You may find your dog is begging when you eat pepperami at breakfast. One thing for sure is you need to avoid sharing. Even though the current product of pepperami contains less saturated fat, the basic sausage product is actually very fatty. The spice and high salt substances may lead to digestive problems to your dog. This food will eventually give bad impact to your dog’s kidney and heart.

The next reason why it is not suggested for the dog owner to let your dog consuming pepperami is because the pork content which is highly forbidden for pets, especially dogs, to be consumed. Instead, having quality chicken sausage for dog treats are better since it is healthiest for them to consume. However, the idea of sharing several sausage is not forbidden, but when you do it too often, it may be bad. One thing that the dog owners should notice is any smoked or processed meats such as bacon, pastrami, sausages, pancetta and other cold cut products contain high levels of nitrates and sodium that can lead digestive and kidney problems to your dogs.

What if your dogs already eaten pepperami?

Well, if you just realized that your dogs had already eaten pepperami, the first thing you have to do is checking your dog behavior. If you find your dog is having a strange behavior such as having an excessive, itching, licking, scratching and face rubbing, vomiting, or diarrhea, then you need to quickly bring your dog to the nearest veterinarian in order to stop further severe health problems.

Those are all several points you need to answer your question about “Can my dog eat pepperami?”

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