Can you give a puppy adult dog food?

Monday, December 11th 2017. | Dog treatment

Can you give a puppy adult dog food? Yes, you may be wondering about the same question the moment you bring a puppy home. Having a new addition to your house is indeed an incredibly exciting experience. It does not matter whether you already have a dog in the house or if it is your first. A puppy never fails to bring so much joy to our household and life.

Can you give a puppy adult dog food

However, as exciting as this experience is, it’s also one experience that raises so many questions. More so when you are a first-time pet owner. Your understanding on puppy care may be limited now and you find yourself asking even the most basic question. Fortunately for you, information regarding your puppy care can easily be found online at this time.

Why you should avoid giving your puppy adult dog foods

Dog food that is formulated for puppy is typically slightly more expensive than its adult dog food counterpart. Other than the price difference, there seems to be a little difference in their eyes. Pet owners who already have an adult dog at home are also susceptible from this misunderstanding. To them, buying one type of dog food is a good economical choice. But we beg to differ.

To think that the difference stops in the price tag would be an oversimplification. The primary reason why puppy food is more expensive than adult dog food is due to the nutritional value of it. The more nutrition it contains naturally makes the price higher – and the difference is there for a reason.

Can you give a puppy adult dog food? Some dog owners would swear by it and go as far as justifying it as nothing bad had happened to their puppy. However, pet health professionals would be against the reckless action. The reason is simple, a puppy has a different nutritional needs than an adult dog food. By giving them an inappropriate food options, you risk depriving them of proper nutrition.

Understanding the nutritional needs of your puppy

Puppies grow so fast, and during its formative years, it’s important for you to support their growth with proper nutrition. A well-balanced dog food that is specifically formulated for puppies is undoubtedly the best option for your puppy. To understand what your puppy needs during their formative years, see the specific nutrients in the following list:

Protein and calories

Compared to adult dogs, puppies need more calories and protein to sustain their growing bodies. Puppies are naturally more active and thus need more calories to convert into energy. Its caloric requirement will steadily decrease the older they get. But when they’re six weeks to eight weeks old, the caloric requirements are 3-times more than their adult counterparts.

Calcium and phosphorus

These two essential minerals are needed in high amount in order to help your puppies develop strong bones and teeth.

DHA and antioxidants

Your puppy needs DHA to support the development of its vision and brain. Whereas the antioxidants are needed in abundance to support their immune systems. In short, no is the answer to your “Can you give a puppy adult dog food?” question.