Do They Make Dog Food without Chicken & Potatoes and How to Choose the Best?

Wednesday, March 28th 2018. | Dog treatment

Dog food manufacturers often produce dog food products that contain chicken and potatoes because those two ingredients are delicious and nutritious. Now, what should you do if your dog cannot eat chicken or potatoes? Do they make dog food without chicken and potatoes? Or should you give your dog some raw food instead? Let’s find out the answer for those questions in the explanations below.

Some Reasons Why Dog Can’t Eat Chicken and Potatoes

Chicken and potatoes are great source of nutrients for dog. In case of potato, even though starchy foods are not the best for dog, potato is a safe option. This is because potato contains pretty high level of dietary fiber, which makes it easy to be digested.

Do they make dog food without chicken and potatoes

Unfortunately, some dogs simply cannot eat those ingredients. The most common reason is because they don’t like the taste. But there are also cases where the dog develops allergic reaction towards those foods. Furthermore, some dog owners are reluctant to give their dogs any dog foods that contain potatoes due to the threats of pesticides. According to research, potatoes contain more pesticides compared to the other vegetables. So, unless the potato is organic, feeding potato to a dog might be harmful due to the high level of pesticides.

Do They Make Dog Food without Chicken & Potatoes?

So, do they make dog food without chicken & potatoes? Does such food exist for your dog? The answer is yes. Even though chicken and potato are some of the most popular ingredients for dog foods, they are not the only one. Potatoes basically can be substituted by other carbohydrates. But since starch is not an important component for dog, it is okay to skip this as long as you pay attention to other energy packed nutrients like protein.

Meanwhile for chicken, there are plenty of other proteins that you can give for your dog. Lamb, salmon, beef and turkey can be a nice substitute. However, you have to prepare yourself for a sudden increase for your dog’s food budget because those proteins are more expensive compared to chicken. Some novel proteins like venison or duck also can be an excellent option and great source of nutrients. You will not have a hard time finding a substitute for chicken because big dog food manufacturers like Nature’s Variety, Royal Canin and Nutrisca have plenty of protein choices.

What to Do If Your Dog Can’t Eat Chicken and Potatoes?

If your dog cannot eat chicken and potatoes, you don’t have to worry because there are many other options you can take. Firstly, you can simply purchase dog food with other ingredients. Pay attention to the label and make sure it really doesn’t contain either chicken or potatoes.

But if you really want to be safe, then it is best to shift to raw food diet. There are so many advantages of raw food diet. Firstly, you will have total control over what your dog eat. If your dog has certain allergies, cooking for your dog is the best option. Furthermore, it has been proven that raw diet provides more health benefits compared to store bought dog foods.