Dog Food that Doesn’t Contain Beet Pulp as the Ingredient

Saturday, March 31st 2018. | Dog treatment

Beet pulp is one of the most popular ingredients in dog food. It has plenty of benefits for dog and it is also safe. However, since it is a by-product, many dog owners are reluctant to feed their dog something that contains beet pulp. If you are one of them, let’s find out the answer to this question: what dog food doesn’t have beet pulp in it besides Science Diet?

Beet Pulp for Dogs

First of all, it is important to know what beet pulp actually is. Beet pulp is the result of raw sugar extraction from sugar beets. It cannot be used in any products for humans so it is often used to feed the horse. Due to its various health benefits, now beet pulp is also mixed in commercially produced dog foods.

What dog food doesn’t have beet pulp in it besides science diet

Advantages of Beet Pulp

Even though it is a by-product, beet pulp still comes from a natural ingredient that contains valuable nutrients. Beet is rich in fiber so beet pulp is very beneficial to improve dog’s digestive system. Moreover, the extraction process has removed most of the sugar in the beet. As a result, the pulp contains very little sugar, the right amount that is safe for dog.

Beet pulp contains both fermentable and non-fermentable fiber. Fermentable fiber makes dog’s stool more firm and help wasting undigested food in the dog’s stomach. Meanwhile, fermentable fiber helps producing fatty acids which will make the digestive system healthier.

Despite of its health benefits, beet pulp is a very cheap ingredient. Ingredients that contain fermentable and non-fermentable fiber are generally expensive. So, by adding beet pulp to dog food, the final cost of the dog food that the buyers have to pay will not be too high, but  in the same time, the dog still gets enough nutrition.

Disadvantages of Beet Pulp in Dog Food

Actually, there is no clear evidence that shows any disadvantages of beet pulp for dogs. There are reports of stomach swelling, but it is found in horse instead of dogs. However, since beet pulp is cheap, many dog food manufacturers put too much beet pulp in their production. It is just used as an unnecessary filler to save production cost.

Despite of the fact that beet pulp has clear health benefits for dogs, eating dog food that contains too much will deprive the dog from other important nutrients. Furthermore, too much of anything is never good and different dog might have different reaction for eating too much beet pulp.

Dog Food Brands without Beet Pulp

Now, let’s answer the main question, what dog food doesn’t have beet pulp in it besides Science Diet? If you prefer to stay away from by-products like beet pulp, you can try Barking Heads, Arcana, Orijen or Back to Basics.

Beet pulp is a pretty beneficial ingredient for dog, and it is also safe for them. However, even though there is no clear evidence that beet pulp is harmful for dog, you still need to pay attention to the condition of the dog itself. If your dog shows sign of allergy to this ingredient, then you have to find something else as a substitute for beet pulp’s excellent dietary fiber.