Healthy Dry Dog Food with No Tomato Pomace—Is It the Right Choice for Your Dog?

Wednesday, March 28th 2018. | Dog treatment

Tomato pomace is one of the most common ingredients found in dog food. However, some people said that pomace is not a nutritious ingredient for dog and even can be dangerous. Is this information true? Does it mean you should change your dog’s diet into healthy dry dog food with no tomato pomace?

What Is Tomato Pomace?

To answer those questions, first of all you need to know what tomato pomace is. Pomace is a by-product of a tomato. Tomato skins, seeds and pulps that are not used in the processing of tomato ketchup and other tomato products, are mixed, dried and become pomace.

Healthy dry dog food with no tomato pomace

Back in the days, the parts of tomatoes that were not used in production would immediately be discarded. However, pomace is now sold to the pet food industry because studies show that it is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which is great for dog’s digestive system.

Is Dry Dog Food with Tomato Pomace Safe for Dog?

The only part of tomato that can be harmful for dogs is the green parts. This is because the green parts contain solanine that can affect the dog’s gastrointestinal system negatively. Other than the green parts, tomato is completely safe to be consumed by dogs and even has some excellent health benefits. Pomace doesn’t contain the green parts of the tomato. So, unless the dog is allergic to tomato, eating food that contains tomato pomace will not be harmful for dogs.

Pomace is beneficial for dogs because it contains soluble fiber. This nutrient will improve the dog’s bowel movement which will promote better food digestion. Soluble fiber also will help the body absorbs nutrients better by slowing down the digestion process.

Looking for Healthy Dry Dog Food with No Tomato Pomace

Even though pomace actually has some health benefits for dogs, there are many reasons that make dog owners hesitate to feed their dogs something that contains this ingredient. Firstly, no matter how beneficial tomato pomace is, it is still by-product, something that is deemed unfit to be consumed by human.

Furthermore, while the pomace itself is not dangerous, the preservatives contained in it might be. To prevent the tomato pomace from going rancid, it must be preserved before it is processed into dry pet food. If the pomace is preserved chemically, the chemicals can be harmful for dogs. Unfortunately, the product label will not disclose how the tomato pomace is processed. So, it can be hard to tell whether the dog food contains dangerous chemicals or not. However, it is a very rare case. Most of pomace used in pet food products are dried naturally.

If you want to look for healthy dry dog food with no tomato pomace, try to purchase products from Orijen or Zignature. Furthermore, pay attention to the label so you can rest assured that there is no harmful ingredients or something your dog doesn’t like in the product. If you are not sure whether you should include tomato pomace in your dog’s diet, you can consult to the vet first.