How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog? Let’s Find It

Sunday, October 29th 2017. | Dog treatment

Feeding raw food to my dog seems to be a pro and contra. Eating raw food imitates an eating way of dogs in the wild life. Many people affirm that raw food becomes the natural way to ensure the optimal health of the dogs. So, how much raw food should I feed my dog? It becomes a dose of feeding my dog.

How much raw food should I feed my dog

Is Raw Food Safe and Healthy for My Dog?

Giving raw food has a pro and contra. Surely, it comes together. Raw food is very healthy for my dog’s health because it contains natural nutrition needed by a dog. But, raw food can take bad effect to the dog. A dog has a stronger stomach than a human. Bacterial infection of raw food is barely happened. The dietary habit with raw food is actually safe and secure for animal because the dogs have stronger gastric acid. It means that they can adjust the gastric to the bacteria in raw food. Indeed, raw food can be given as long as meeting the rules and requirements.

Balance and Complete Nutrition of Raw Food

It is important to serve raw food for my dog completely and balance. It means that the served raw food needs to fulfill nutrition criteria needed by my dog. How much raw food should I feed my dog? It should feed my dog regularly one to twice a day if my dog has no bad reactions to the raw food. Dog’s raw food should be taken from various foods and given in a varied time. It must have balance and complete nutrition of raw food along the time.

Types of Raw Food for My Dogs

Feeding my dog with raw food shouldn’t be conducted carelessly. There are no raw food types like chicken which the level must exceed a half of dog’s food portion. You can include the cast – offs to your dog food as long as it is not fatty food. Meat and animal food become a type of raw foods for my dog. The portion at least reaches a half of your dog’s food portion. If it has excessive fat level, it causes obesity.

Boneless meat becomes another type of raw food for my dogs. It includes fowl, or red meat. The heart part is the best choice because it is low fat and tends to be cheaper than the other parts. Fish is also healthy for dogs. It contains vitamin D that should be given. Canned fishes such as pink salmon, sardines, and mackerel become a great choice.

Body organs i.e. liver should be given about 5% of food or one ounce liver per a pound of given meat. Cow liver is the most nutritious one but I can change it with chicken liver or the others. Egg becomes high nutrition raw food for my dogs. It can be combined with milk for enriching nutrition of my or your dogs. Contained – flour vegetable is a good choice for dog’s raw food. How much raw food should I feed my dog? You can give it in combination. You can give potato, pumpkin, or nut with green vegetable free flour such as broccoli, cauliflower, and many more. You may combine it with fruits for your dogs like banana, apple, berry, papaya, and melon.