Is Consuming Too Much Protein Dangerous for Dogs?

Saturday, March 31st 2018. | Dog treatment

If your dog is underweight, you definitely worry about its health. I was on the same boat a few years ago. My dog is severely underweight after recovering from a sickness and I tried hard to make him gained some weight. I am looking for a high fat dog food without a high protein content because I heard too much protein can be dangerous for dogs. But my experience proved that it was not entirely true. Protein is an excellent nutrition for dog, which is also important for underweight dog.

I am looking for a high fat dog food without high protein content

High Fat Diet for Dog

Fat is the best nutrients for underweight dog. It provides the necessary calorie that will help the dog gain some weight. So, meat or dog food that contains meat is the best option for underweight dog. Besides meat, fat also can come from dog treats and even fruits. To make sure your dog will stay healthy, don’t only focus on feeding it high fat food, but also pay attention to the other nutrients. So, make sure to check the ingredients of the dog food first.

Is Too Much Protein Dangerous for Dogs?

I remember when I am looking for a high fat dog food without a high protein a few years back. It is so difficult because when the dog food contains meat, it also will be high in protein. The thing is, even though protein is the best nutrients for dog, I once heard that too much protein can actually be dangerous. Too much protein will make the dog’s kidneys work harder and resulting in kidney failures.

Turns out, it was not exactly true. Recent studies show that too much protein can be harmful for humans, but not for dogs. So, there is no reason to worry about giving high fat and protein for underweight dogs as long as it is high quality protein and fat. If the protein comes with high quality ingredients like meat or fish, it will not be harmful for dogs.

The Best Ways to Feed Underweight Dog

The most important thing every dog owner must remember is dogs are not carnivores. They are omnivores, just like us. So, meat is not the only food option for them. They also can gain calories from vegetables, which sometimes can be a better source of protein and energy.

In case of underweight dog, food that contains meat actually is the best food because it contains high level of fat and also protein. So, you don’t have to worry about feeding your underweight dog high fat and high protein diet because your dog needs both. As a matter of fact, protein can assist in the weight gain process. If you want your dog to pack some weight faster, it is best to give them raw diet instead of dog food. Raw diet can be digested more easily and the important nutrients are absorbed faster.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your dog’s weight. If your dog has reached the ideal weight, cut back on the fat so that it will not be obese.