Is Natural Balance good dog food?

Wednesday, December 13th 2017. | Dog treatment

Is Natural Balance a good dog food? Keeping a dog and other kinds of pet means commitment. Yes, you must spare your time and of course money to give them the best treatment. One important matter not to be ignored is their foods. The most practical thing is indeed feeding them with package food. Despite it easy and saves your time more, the nutrition contained is already prepared well for their health and growth. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that homemade foods are not needed. For many reasons, you sometimes must make them foods from natural ingredients. Anyway, one of dog food brands is Natural Balance. So, is it good and recommended enough?

Is natural balance good dog food

The dogs love it

There are many things to watch carefully before judging whether a brand is generally good or not. Based on the experiences with some dogs, it seems that they just simply love it. It is probably due to the taste which is delicious or something but yes, the dogs want to eat it more and more. Natural Balance indeed has a good texture for dry foods to make it easy to be digested. But in general, package food is indeed not really recommended for baby dogs. Their tummy is still really sensitive. For them, it is much better to make your own homemade foods from meat and vegetables. Giving them package foods can be started after few months. Sure, it depends on the type of dog itself. Interestingly, Natural Balance is definitely good for those young-adult dogs that start to learn eating the package foods. Still, you have to alternate it with the homemade ones so that they can grow more healthily.

There is no health problem

There are some reviews that say in which their dogs have problems with Natural Balance. Fortunately, it is not mine. The dogs are just good with it. As additional information for you, the dogs may need more consumption of protein to let them grow properly. In fact, they are different with cats. Cats may not need more protein since it can give them some serious health problems. However, there are also dogs that when they consume too much protein can just make them suffer from certain problems starting from diarrhea to cough. The worst thing is when the dog is no longer active like running around. Yes, if you have such serious problems, make sure to go to the veterinary as soon as possible. There is a high chance that the protein consumed has tortured the dogs. In other words, the condition and immunity system among dogs are different from one to another. Interestingly, Natural Balance has enough protein without giving them effects like allergy even for the allergic dogs.

Fur Problems

Although the health in general is good, there must be something when the fur is loss. Again, it can be due to the allergy caused by the foods given. Interestingly, such a problem is never experienced while the dogs eat Natural Balance. The fur is still there without being left on carpet or sofa. So, is Natural Balance good dog food? Definitely, it is yes.