Is Pedigree Only Enough for Dogs Nutrition? Is It True?

Sunday, October 29th 2017. | Dog treatment

Do you get confused selecting the right dog food? Selecting dry food for your dog is an instant choice to meet dog nutrition. There are some dry dog food products with some quality levels. One of the products is Pedigree. Is Pedigree only enough for dogs nutrition? It makes people curious before giving Pedigree for the dogs.

Is Pedigree only enough for dogs nutrition

What Is Pedigree?

Pedigree is a kind of dog’s dry food at premium class. It is made by American Group Mars specifying in a dog food and pet foods. Pedigree uses filler made from ground whole corn. This dog food contains complete and balance nutrition containing omega 3 and has a crunchy biscuit texture to keep the health of dogs’ teeth and gum from tartar.  Pedigree creates a special dog cereal that is full of nutrition. It is a dog cereal type made from the chosen fresh Australian ingredients. Pedigree ensures the best quality for your dogs so that a process of making dogs’ food is the best one and tested.

Reasons of Choosing Pedigree

There are some reasons making you choose Pedigree as a dog dry food. You may consider some following things.

Complete Nutrition

Pedigree is made from freshly high quality milk. It is processed carefully in order to create completely nutritious food for your dogs. It is suitable for daily food.

Making Healthy of Your Dog Fur and Skin

Pedigree is rich of vitacoat, a content of essential oil and mineral for producing healthily glowing dog’s skin and fur. The content of the chosen vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus strengthen the health of body organs and bone.

Improving Body Immune System

The content of antioxidant in Pedigree becomes a stronger body immune system to your dogs. The dogs are strong from free radicals disturbing dogs’ body immune system. High protein of fresh flesh and meat build stronger and healthier muscles. Is Pedigree only enough for dogs nutrition? Based on dog owner of Golden Retriever, this dog brand is fairly enough to feed the dog nutrition at least making your dog fur beautiful and no allergy reaction. But, if you only feed Pedigree, it is actually not enough.

Is Pedigree Only Sufficient for Dog Nutrition?

Pedigree is one of trusted dog dry food. It is a practical food for feeding your dogs. It is claimed to offer complete nutrition for your dogs. But, there is still a question on the sufficiency of this product for dog nutrition. Is it enough for fulfilling your dog nutrition? Some people and dog owners affirm that feeding Pedigree only is not enough for dog nutrition.

A dog requires foods for a balanced diet including protein (seafood, meat, eggs, and dairy products), calcium (dairy products), fat (meat), and carbohydrate (grain and vegetables). To meet that nutrition, you need to make balanced raw or homemade food for 50% protein, 25% grains, and 25% vegetables.  You can combine those nutrition percentages for making healthy dog foods. The dog dry food, Pedigree, should be combined to homemade food. Those will meet dog nutrition sufficiently. Is Pedigree only enough for dogs nutrition? It is not too enough for your dogs nutrition.